Career Options and Courses After BTech

What is the best course after Btech? What should I do after Btech? These are some of the questions that revolve around one’s mind after completing Btech. Engineering is one of the most talked-about courses. It is among one of the high paying jobs. People look for different opportunities after getting into Btech. After […] The post After Btech – Career Options and Courses appeared first on Chegg India.

Career Options and Courses After BTech


What is the best course after Btech? What should I do after Btech? These are some of the questions that revolve around one’s mind after completing Btech. Engineering is one of the most talked-about courses. It is among one of the high paying jobs. People look for different opportunities after getting into Btech. After Btech there are several choices that students can go for.

The corporate world is setting with opportunities for people. It depends on you how you will take up things. Engineers are the people who are required at every walk of life. They can get into any profession after Btech. Therefore, engineering continues to be one of the most preferred courses in undergraduate.

Below is the list of opportunities that you can accordingly look up to after Btech:


After completing a rigorous period of 4 years in Btech. Most of us wonder, what is the best course after BTech? And so students who want to study more can go for higher studies after Btech. Accordingly, if they are really interested in engineering then students can go for a Mtech degree. Since Btech is a bachelor’s degree, Mtech will provide you an in-depth knowledge of the subject. Moreover, it will take you to another level of branched concepts.

To qualify for a Mtech degree, you need to pass a competitive examination. GATE (Graduate aptitude test in engineering) is a kind of entrance test that will help you to get into masters. Clearing GATE is a victorious thing, as it opens up doors to some of the reputed colleges. Mtech is more about gaining practical knowledge. And, is a level up as compared to Btech. Therefore, it is a good answer for students wondering what to do after Btech?


Students dealing with What should I do after Btech? And are planning to take a drop for some exam prep or looking for a side income can go for this instant solution. Online tutoring is a kind of part-time job opportunity. It allows an individual to use their knowledge to educate others. Moreover, online tutoring thing allows them to revise their concepts, by the time they are not sure about their future. Online tutoring is an instant solution for all you confused students.

There are several companies that are providing these opportunities for students to showcase their skills and knowledge. These companies allow them to earn along with their studies. Chegg is the largest student hiring platform for subject matter expert role. It hires various subject matter experts for various subjects’ even technical and engineering-related subjects too. They are expected to answer questions about their chosen subject online. Anyone who is enrolled as a student in bachelors, post-graduation, masters, Ph.D. can register to become a subject matter expert at Chegg easily (Just click on the link). Click on the link and find out all the subjects available for you. Moreover, you get paid on a per answered basis. Average subject matter experts can easily earn upwards of INR 30000 to INR 80000 per month.

Therefore, students who are confused as to what to do after BTech. And, they have no alternative at that point in time, they can go for this, it is the safest. It will not only help them to revise their previously gained knowledge. But, will help them to polish their skills but get even better at it.


Getting into civil services is the greatest pride that one can wear. Interested students can easily go for this; all they need to do is to prepare themselves for the civil service examination. UPSC is one of the toughest examinations to clear. Therefore, it is important for the students to start preparing it in their bachelor itself. It requires intensive knowledge. If you get a higher rank in the examination. You will be eligible for various reputed positions such as that of an IAS officer, IFS, IPS, etc.

Though it is not an easy choice to make for students wondering What to do after BTech. It requires training and a strong mindset to get into the job. Moreover, one must give at least a year to the preparation before applying for the job. It is the most prestigious job, to begin with. Therefore, an interstate one can consider this as one of the top-rated answers to the question “What should I do after Btech?

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MBA is the most talked-about course after Btech. One can apply his/her maximum knowledge in the course. The application of the knowledge along with its theoretical base is equally important for a student. And, fortunately, MBA is that curse that allows an individual to do so. It, therefore, makes an engineer more skilled. An individual can apply for management in several fields. Some of the specializations are marketing, human resource management, international business, operation management, and many more field.

To get into the course, one has to clear a competitive examination. You need to clear the CAT examination. It will ensure you the college you will be getting admission to. Engineers who want to get into the corporate world can go for MBA. Since the biggest question is What to do after Btech? The simple answer to this question can be an MBA. Moreover, MBA is one of the high paying jobs. Therefore, it can be a good choice after Btech.

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It is one of the most favorite answers to the question “What should I do after Btech? Getting placements in the corporate world is something that students savor for the rest of their lives. It acts as a confidence booster for them. Moreover, these placement opportunities will allow you to apply your theoretical knowledge practically in the business world. There are a lot of companies who are looking for new blood, a new skill, and talent.

Students try to build their trust in companies by performing their best. They enjoy the business performing another task assigned to them. Nowadays more and more universities and colleges are inviting firms and companies to give an opportunity to the students. Students can get access to various lucrative employment opportunities. Therefore, it is one of the famous options after Btech.


If you are someone who believes that learning has no end. Then this is the opportunity to upskill your knowledge. After Btech the most visited option is to get extra certifications. These certifications will not only help you to imbibe varied skills. But it will help you to outshine others. Moreover, they will help you to outshine others during placements and interviews.

There are a number of websites and institutes that will help you to provide certificates in different fields. Accordingly, you can enroll in the courses of your interest. There is a list of the most preferred certification programs for students after Btech. Some of these are CISM (Certified information security manager), CSM (Certified ScrumMaster), CEH (Certified ethical hacker), and many more. Students wondering What to do after Btech? Can get an answer from such certified courses. Companies such as Google, AWS, CompTIA, etc. provide such services to students.

These certificates will help you to fortify your professional commitments. Therefore, it is one of the best after Btech.


Internships are not merely, a glimpse of a 9 to 5 job. It is more of a practical application of your theoretical skills. Internships are an excellent way to show up yourself in the real business world. It is a kind of short-term training project that will enable an individual to prepare oneself for a future career. For an engineer, internships are the best way to test one’s knowledge. It is putting your concepts into a practical field.

Moreover, it will allow you to identify your skills and knowledge. Internships last for 3 to 4 months. However, it can be extended otherwise. It will help you to acquire a professional outlook. It makes you understand the working of an organization. Moreover, you will get a glimpse of working ethics. People looking for What should I do after Btech? Can go for this option. Internships will bolster your confidence and skills.


To sum up, create your path. Target your goals and lead a successful life. No journey has an end. After Btech there are various options that students can look for. Students who are not very interested in doing courses can also go for other opportunities. The world has a lot to give you. It depends on what you will pick up from the lined-up opportunities.

Above is the list of the plethora of choices that a student can for. Ranging from higher studies to corporate jobs to other part-time job opportunities. What I should do after Btech? This is the question that every engineer deals with at some point in time. The solution to the most asked questions remains here. This blog has been designed to provide you a clear understanding of your goals which is useful for every walk of life.

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