Jobs for Fresher CA – All you need to know

Searching for a CA fresher job can be tiring. This process can be more stressful when you cannot find companies that pay you what you expect. Actually, No company really lives up to your expectations. This is a harsh reality, unless you are a great scholar.

Jobs for Fresher CA – All you need to know


Hunting ca fresher jobs can be tiring, right? More stressful this process can be when you do not find companies that pay you as per your expectations. Well, to be honest, no company really fulfils your expectations. Unless you’re a great scholar, the harsh reality, indeed. However, that does not mean you will stop your search and lose your hopes.

Seriously, when you have just completed your CA, getting a decent job may be hard. One in a thousand chances that would be to crack a high paying job just after CA course. But see that is not impossible, you can close deals only if you have the passion for work. As the nation’s youth are slowly progressing to be better intellectual individuals, they are becoming more ambitious and determined. This has also led to excessive augmentation in competition.

Today, as we see, most of the youth are facing this massive problem in their job search. They are finding it difficult to compete and also secure their job position in an esteemed organization. Nothing like there are no jobs. You can find plenty of fishes in the pond only if you use the right rod and know how to fish. Of course, I’m not here to teach fishing, but  how to find ca fresher jobs.

Let’s dive into the world of jobs and opportunities. This article will surely help you in finding jobs for ca freshers.

  • Keeping records of financial statements,
  • Reporting the finances,
  • Doing corporate finance,
  • Working on business recovery,
  • Working on Insolvency,
  • Looking into company’s taxes,
  • Doing taxation,
  • Doing forensic accounting,

So basically, as a professional chartered accountant you will be laid forward such works.

Starting with a good note

No company can run without their adequate CA team. It’s the chartered accountants only that keep full track of the company’s accounts. Without a CA working under you, as a company you may not be able to handle all your payrolls and statements by yourself. Every stage requires experts who are highly qualified for that task. A CA as we know becomes a member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India as soon as the course completes. That itself makes you worthy enough to lock good deals.

Passionately driven accountants, who are fully determined towards their work is what companies look for. Look around yourself, the need for a CA is so cardinal that you will not find a single organization without it. Being a CA you become noteworthy, allowing you to use your wide knowledge for the corporate world.

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What role as a CA will you play?

As a CA you will be asked to keep full records of the company’s financial accounts. The work you will be doing after you get ca fresher jobs are as follows:

  • Keeping records of financial statements,
  • Reporting the finances,
  • Doing corporate finance,
  • Working on business recovery,
  • Working on Insolvency,
  • Looking into company’s taxes,
  • Doing taxation,
  • Doing forensic accounting,
  • Giving advices,

So basically as a professional chartered accountant you will be managing all the finances. You will be the one to give trustworthy advice on all the money matters that the company will do and also help in proper money management.

A very important yet tough role to play, that’s what defines a CA job. Only if you have the thrill to manage a company’s whole monetary task, then a CA job is what you should do. Not just will you be able to serve your home country with the knowledge you possess but, abroad as well. The work remains the same all over and hence you can use your expertise for a more fruitful company.

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The job is surely interesting. Once you get into this field you will only be climbing the success ladder. There is no stop or turning back.

You can dive right down into the world of jobs for ca freshers right now with me.

Before commencing further let us first know which job will suit CA fresher. Of course, you cannot just sit on an expert couch just after completing your ca course. So here is what all you can do and what you need to know.

Which job is best for CA?

As a CA you can choose from multiple job options available. Below given are the top 5 ca fresher jobs you can try your hands on. 

1. Be an investment banker

Do you have a deep knowledge or interest in forex or stock markets? Most of the young CA’s we see today keep this as one of the choices among different jobs for ca freshers. If this excites you, you can work with banks or Non – Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs). Later after getting enough experience you can also shift to other foreign based banking institutes. The foreign markets will provide you with the best of exposure and experience. You will be able to learn so many new things while still earning massively.

If you want to grow stupendously then this is the ca fresher jobs you can go for.

2. Be in industry

If you don’t like inconsistency, or if you are looking for “ca fresher jobs” only, then you can work in industry. Many industries like manufacturing, information technology, automobile and many more like these. Here you can expect growth, but slowly. You will have to work according to the management needs. If you remain consistent and secure a very high position if you keep on satisfying the employer’s demands. Of course, there would be challenges to overcome if you chose this. Like you will be asked for regular updates and you would have to reach the employer’s expectations on time.

However, if you continue on being consistent with your work then surely you will be able to reach heights. Satisfying the head’s needs is what you will be required to do if you work with an industry.

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3. Entrepreneurship

Who does not want to be a successful entrepreneur? Being a CA you can be an entrepreneur as well. See that is what CA brings to you – flexibility. You can choose entrepreneurship as a ca fresher jobs. If you are focussed and completely dedicated towards your work, then surely you can earn through it. Being an entrepreneur however will require you to be exceptionally skilled, talented, strong analytical powers and useful business hacks.

However, to be totally involved in this job for ca freshers you will have to gain necessary experience. You wouldn’t like to have your business get flop even before opening, right? If expansion and diversification is what you strive in achieving in the long run, then you probably should choose this job. You will have to think of different ways on how to take your business to great heights.

4.Government services

How can we forget mentioning government services as ca fresher jobs? The best career option indeed. This job comes with reliability and also full consistency. If you are hardworking enough to crack the super tough civil service papers, then this is the job for you. Totally one enjoys the whole life after clearing the exams. Full assurance of job and also various allowances and incentives. It offers stability which is much needed in today’s time.

You can also become president of ITAT or the chairman of SEBI. This can only happen if you give years of your service in the government sector. So what is stopping from preparing for these government exams? Immerse yourself fully into your passion and crack them.

5. Teacher

Amazing right, a CA becoming a teacher. Well, if you love to teach your specialized subject then you can go ahead with this job preference. You can work as a teacher for any reputed institute. You can teach ca aspirants part – time and also can concentrate on whatever job you may like.

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What is the salary of a fresher CA?

Don’t be amazed if I tell you that after clearing you can get a job offering 7 lakhs per annum as described in the Pay Scale research. Yes! This is absolutely true, on an average a CA fresher can get a job with package 7 lakhs per annum. This package also keeps on increasing with your experience and expertise. So you see, once you clear your final exams and get recognized by ICAI, you can get a high paying job. Be just passionate and determined for your goals and then you can easily get what you want.

What is the salary of CA student?

If you go with campus placements then you can get a job with an annual package of around 7.26 lakhs. Campus placement if we talk about, then it is not necessary for all the students to get selected. Hence, it is necessary for you to give your best and put your whole knowledge into the best use. Only if the companies find you worth, will they hire you. So be sure whatever you say has proper facts and knowledge behind it. Again, the salary may increase with your experience and you will be able to earn more with each passing year.

Wrapping up

Choose only the profession or job you have the greatest interest in. Chartered accountants are able to earn and flourish greatly if they remain consistent. Keep on developing your skills and enhance your knowledge, progress and learn as there are multiple ca fresher jobs you can do.

I hope through my article I must have aided your perplexity to get a little solved.

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