VFX and Animation Courses in India: A Comprehensive Guide

Watched a movie recently? There is no chance that it did not have some form of VFX in it! VFX and animation are the most unavoidable elements in the creative industry right now. The best part is that there are top-notch VFX and animation courses in India. Join us in uncovering a comprehensive guide to […] The post VFX and Animation Courses in India: A Comprehensive Guide appeared first on Chegg India.

VFX and Animation Courses in India: A Comprehensive Guide

Watched a movie recently? There is no chance that it did not have some form of VFX in it! VFX and animation are the most unavoidable elements in the creative industry right now. The best part is that there are top-notch VFX and animation courses in India.

Join us in uncovering a comprehensive guide to animation and VFX courses in India. From certificate programs to animation schools, we’ll be highlighting the best educational options showcasing everything this industry has to offer.

This guide will also help you understand animation and VFX course fees in India. You’ll also learn about the skills you can learn from each course and the job opportunities you can get after you graduate.

Let’s get started and explore the world of VFX and animation courses in India!

VFX and Animation Courses in India

Here is a combined overview of animation and VFX courses in India:

Course LevelCertificate, Diploma, Undergraduate
Popular CoursesB.Sc in Animation and VFX, Advance Diploma in 3D Animation and VFX, Professional Programme in VFX & Animation
Duration2 months – 4 years
Minimum Eligibility10+2 from a recognized board / Depends on the college.
Average FeesINR 26,000 – 7,30,000
Top VFX Colleges in IndiaLoyola College, IIT Bombay, VIT Vellore, JMI University, etc.
Top Job ProfileLayout Artist, Lighting Artist, Roto Artist, Compositing Artist, Rendering Artist, etc.
Average SalaryINR 2,00,000 – 4,00,000 PA

B.Sc in Animation and VFX: An Overview

This undergraduate course in animation offers an array of must-know topics. Here’s a look at some of its most noteworthy offerings!

Duration3 years
Exam TypeSemester based
Eligibility10+2 with 50% marks in relevant stream / Depends on college.
Admission ProcessMerit-based as well as through entrance exams.
Course FeeINR 54,000 to INR 2,00,000
Average SalaryINR 3,00,000 – 5,00,000 PA
Top Recruiting CompaniesAdobe, DreamWorks, DNEG, MPC, Redchillies, UTV, Reliance Mediaworks, Prime Focus etc.
Job Positions3D Artist, 2D Artist, CGI Artist, VFX artist, Compositor, Video editor, Texture Artist, Animation supervisor, Roto artist, etc.

Admission Procedure

The field of animation and VFX is booming. The demand for VFX courses is higher than ever. Here are some of the ways you can apply for this course:

  • All you have to do is visit the official university website, fill out the form, and pay the required application fee. Make sure your 10+2 marks are up to par for the best results.
  • If the university doesn’t offer an online application system, fill out the form and make a demand draft to cover the application fee. Finally, mail it to the college’s admission office.
  • If neither of these solutions solves the problem, visit the college’s admission office. Submit the application and accompanying paperwork, and pay the fee in person.
  • Having a diploma or certification in the field, or having passed an entrance exam such as NID DAT Prelims, can give you a competitive edge in the process.

B.Sc in Animation and VFX Course Fee Structure

The fees for your B.Sc in Animation and VFX largely depend on which college or university you choose to attend.
Government institutions are usually cheaper as they are under the jurisdiction of public authorities. You will pay more at a privately owned college.
The cost of a B.Sc. in Animation typically ranges between Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 2,00,000.

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Entrance Exams

You need to be ready to take entrance exams if you’re applying to the B.Sc in VFX & Animation course. It’s important to check the website of the institute you’re applying to for details on the admission and selection processes.

Different colleges may have their own entrance exams, so make sure you know what’s required. Some of the entrance exams conducted are:


  • You have to ace the NID Design Aptitude Test (DAT) to get accepted into the National Institute of Design’s (NID) VFX & Animation course.
  • The exam is divided into two stages. The first is a pen-paper-based test and the second is a studio-based evaluation.
  • You must be successful in both parts to get a dream seat in the course.

ITM IDM Entrance Test

  • ITM IDM Entrance Test is a four-hour online assessment divided into two two-hour parts.
  • The initial part is the Common Intelligence Test and the second section is the Creative Aptitude Test.
  • Upon completion of both, you may be asked to participate in a personal interview round.

BIT Entrance Test

  • You need to ace the BIT Entrance Test to be eligible for a place in their undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in VFX & Animation.
  • You need to be prepared for a 90-minute online test and a personal interview round afterwards.
  • Your performance in all these stages will ultimately determine your success, with a 40%, 50% and 10% weightage respectively.

Diploma in VFX and Animation: An Overview

Here is a quick overview of a Diploma course in VFX and animation:

  • A diploma course typically lasts for 6 months. It is the perfect short-term option for those who want to pursue a career in this ever-growing, creative industry.
  • There are no fixed eligibility requirements, as it often depends on the institute. The admission process can range from merit-based to entrance exams.
  • Once you finish this diploma, you should be able to get an average salary of anywhere between INR 3,00,000 – 5,00,000 PA.

So if you’re ready to start a career in VFX and Animation, get on board with a diploma in VFX and Animation!

Admission Procedure

The admission procedure for a diploma can vary by institution. A typical admission process for a diploma entails an online application and interview.

  • The first step is to carefully review the program requirements and fill out the application.
  • After applying, you will be asked to go through an online interview which is conducted by a member of the admissions committee.
  • Once approved, you will be required to pay the applicable tuition fees before the start of classes.

So what are you waiting for? Make the most of this incredible opportunity and get started on your Diploma in VFX and Animation today!

Fee Structure

The fee and the fee structure purely depend upon the institution you choose. Typically, the course fee is usually anywhere between INR 54,000 to INR 2,00,000.

Entrance Exams

You don’t have to take any entrance exams to apply for a diploma or certificate course related to VFX and Animation. Again, this depends on the institution. Make sure to read all the requirements carefully.

Certificate Courses in VFX and Animation: An Overview

You can jump-start your career as a VFX artist by enrolling in a certificate course. You will gain knowledge of the latest technology, and the production process and gain hands-on experience with powerful software.

Here’s an overview of a certification course:

  • A certification course typically lasts from 6 months to 2 years.
  • Some institutes may have certain criteria for admission. Others may rely on a merit-based system. The admission process can range from interviews and exams to an evaluation of credentials.
  • A certification program offers you a comprehensive introduction to the field and in-depth instruction on topics like 3D modeling, texturing, animation and special effects.
  • On completion, you’ll be armed with the skills to create your own stunning VFX and animation projects! It’s the perfect way to take your career to the next level.

Admission Procedure

Admission procedures may vary. A typical process is as follows:

  • Register for the course
  • Submit the required documents
  • Make the fee payment

Most of the institutions have an online portal. You will have to fill out an online form mentioning the course you wish to apply for and upload the documents.

Once done, your application will be reviewed and you will receive a confirmation email.

Fee Structure

A certification course typically costs around INR 50,000 to 2,00,000.

Entrance Exams

You don’t have to take any entrance exams to apply for a diploma or certificate course related to VFX and Animation.

Top Institutions of Animation and VFX courses in India

A vast number of institutes offer high-quality animation and VFX courses. You will be spoilt for choice!
Here is a list of the top 5 animation and VFX institutes in India according to the NIRF (National Institutional Ranking Framework).

Rank CollegeCourseFees
1.Loyola College, ChennaiBachelor of Animation- 1st YearINR 48,000
2.Jamia Millia Islamia University-[JMI], New DelhiBachelor of Animation- 1st YearINR 1,00,000
3.AJK Mass Communication Research Centre, New DelhiBachelor of Animation- 1st YearINR 82,000
4.Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies – [NMIMS Deemed to be University], MumbaiBachelor of Animation- 1st YearINR 164,000
5.Mahatma Gandhi University – [MGU], KottayamBachelor of Animation- 1st YearINR 80,000

Criteria for NIRF selection

There are quite a few criteria that the NIRF selection committee looks at when making their decisions. Some of these include:

  • Teaching, Learning & Resources (TLR)
  • Research and Professional Practice (RP)
  • Graduation Outcomes (GO)
  • Outreach and Inclusivity (OI)
  • Peer Perception

Of course, not all of these criteria are given equal weight. The committee looks at each application holistically to decide which institution is the best fit for the NIRF funding.

Jobs and Career Options in VFX and Animation

If you are sure about going the VFX way, then here are some top job profiles waiting for you. We have put together a table for you to understand the various possibilities:

Job ProfileDescription
Graphic DesignerA Graphic Designer is a creative professional who uses visual elements to convey a message or evoke emotion.
Video EditorA Video Editor is responsible for assembling recorded footage into a finished project. They ensure the desired creative vision of the producer or filmmaker is met.
Multimedia DeveloperA Multimedia Developer designs, creates and develops interactive multimedia products.
Web DesignerA Web Designer is responsible for creating visually appealing and functional websites.
2D/3D AnimatorA 2D/3D Animator creates high-quality, detailed images and animations that bring stories and ideas to life.
3D ModellerA 3D Modeller creates digital representations of objects, environments and characters using specialized software.
VFX ArtistsA VFX Artist is responsible for creating special effects for films, television, and game projects using software and other techniques.

Animator and VFX artist salary in India

Salaries are based on a variety of factors. They include your company, location, experience, negotiation, clients, etc. But roughly, the average salaries look like this:

Job ProfileSalary (Per Annum)
Graphic DesignerINR 3,04,963
Video EditorINR 3,27,799
Multimedia DevelopersINR 3,58,656
Web DesignerINR 2,85,253
2D/3D AnimatorINR 3,02,524
3D ModellerINR 3,00,000
VFX ArtistsINR 3,53,660

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Future Scope

  • According to reports from IBEF in 2016, the Animation sector has experienced rapid growth of 16.4%. VFX has seen even more growth with 31%!
  • VFX and Animation are sure to continue to be essential tools in large-scale feature films.
  • Immersive technologies like AR and VR will open up a wide range of content creation possibilities
  • These advancements in technology will also offer new opportunities to content creators, allowing them to craft experiences that could not have been done before.
  • The global VFX industry is estimated to reach almost USD 18.02 billion by 2028.

With this information in hand, we can say that VFX and the animation industry is going to thrive in the coming years.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, VFX and Animation Courses in India are ideal for anyone seeking to gain knowledge and expertise in this field. As we saw in this blog-post, from the basics to more advanced courses, the options are diverse and can give you the tools you need to create professional-grade animation and visual effects in movies and video games.

With the right guidance and by attending the right classes and courses, you could gain a bouquet of skills that ensures your place in the creative industry.

Evaluate numerous career choices to choose the right career path for yourself. Dive in to our guide on Career Advice.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

What is the future scope of the VFX and Animation industry in India?

The future of VFX and Animation in India looks very promising, with an increased focus on creativity, innovation and technology. With a highly-skilled, rapidly evolving manpower, this industry is well-positioned to create a global impact in the future. We are positive that the industry will continue to grow exponentially from here.

What are the fees for VFX and Animation courses in India?

The fees for VFX and Animation courses in India vary depending on the type of course and institution. Generally, the fees could range anywhere between INR 10,000 to INR 1.5 Lakhs. There are some great animation and VFX courses online free on Youtube.

What is the duration of VFX and Animation courses in India?

VFX and Animation courses in India typically range anywhere between 6 months and 3 years in duration. Depending on the program and the institute you choose, you can tailor the duration to suit your career and learning goals.

What software and tools are used in VFX and Animation courses in India?

Depending on the particular course and institution, software used in VFX and Animation courses in India may include:
1. Adobe After Effects
2. Autodesk Maya
3. Blender 4. Pyry
5. Substance Painter
6. Mari
7. Nuke
8. Fusion

Is it possible to pursue VFX and Animation courses in India through online or distance learning?

Yes, absolutely! It’s become easier than ever to gain knowledge and new skills, no matter where you are located. There are a variety of online and distance learning options available for those interested in animation and VFX courses in India. So, don’t let geographic constraints get in the way of fulfilling your dreams!

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