Nothing is impossible: Mantra Patel

"Failure is not the opposite of success..It is a part of success"

Nothing is impossible: Mantra Patel

"Failure is not the opposite of success..It is a part of success"

In today's world we all dream of success but we forget that failure is a part of getting success and Mantra Patel a young entrepreneur has proved that no matter how many obstacles life gives one can cross them with the right motivation and mindset.

Mantra Patel is an inspiration of many of us. In 2021 at  a young age of 15  won 3rd position in the Global Entrepreneurs expo. His journey of starting from Zero to being the president of M.E.B. has been a roller coaster.

It all started when he got selected in the World's Best Teen Entrepreneur Academy. Learning from his international peers and classmates was a very unique and new experience for him. He said " learning with them for 3 months was something I never dreamed of. Now that I look back I realized despite all the differences they made me feel like a family."

Life is very unexpected, whenever we think things are going smooth something happens. At one point in his journey Mantra almost got kicked out from the Entrepreneurs community, but that did not stop him, it motivated him even more and he came back with a bang and more than 100 stake holders.

He completed more than 20 courses in 2 months and became a whole new version of his self that he never dreamt of.

He always said what he is today is because of his teachers who guided him and helped him believe in his self and his 2 colleagues Anish Chettry and Abdul Sami who were always there by his side.

After a few months, Mantra with his team started NILE OFM. It is a group of companies that focuses on providing service in different sectors like e-learning, Marketing, Information Technology and many more.

After seeing the success of NILE OFM. Mantra and his 2 friends came up with an wild idea of a start up M.E.B that provides online courses for Marketing, Entrepreneurship and business to the youth.

Well truly Mantra Patel is an inspiration to many of us who wish to be successful. Besides being a young entrepreneur who has won awards he is very grounded and helpful. His attitude of not giving up and never settling for less brought him where he is today. Someone has rightly stated that-

"Our greatest weakness lies in Giving Up. But the most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time." 

All credit goes to teachers and family

Special mention to apple global school (


Mantra Patel. He hold the position of Founder and CEO at NILE OFM, President at M.E.B

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