Salary of a Psychologist in India | Highest Paying Profiles

Psychology is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after, in-demand, and essential fields of our time. What was once considered solely theoretical is now bridging the gap between the scientific and the intuitive. It not only tells how the mind works but also provides the means to have a positive effect on one’s life. As a […] The post Salary of a Psychologist in India | Highest Paying Profiles appeared first on Chegg India.

Salary of a Psychologist in India | Highest Paying Profiles

Psychology is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after, in-demand, and essential fields of our time. What was once considered solely theoretical is now bridging the gap between the scientific and the intuitive. It not only tells how the mind works but also provides the means to have a positive effect on one’s life. As a professional in the field, you can assist people in overcoming the consequences of trauma, managing a mental disease, dealing with a mental health crisis, or achieving personal objectives.

If you are someone fascinated by the human mind, you might be asking yourself, ‘Is psychology a good career in India? You must also want to know the average salary of a psychologist in India. If so, you are in the right place. Psychologists in India hold crucial responsibilities for individuals’ well-being. The demand for psychologists in India is consistently growing.

In this article, get to know the details about the profession of a psychologist and the psychologist’s salary. You will also get the answers to some of the most asked questions, including “How much does a psychologist earn in India”.

Skills Required to Be a Psychologist

Numerous people major in psychology because they desire to comprehend themselves or those around them better. It gives you the ability to help those in need more successfully, and it may also make it easier for you to feel compassion for them. These skills come in handy in jobs in teaching, persuasion, dispute resolution, and negotiation.

Becoming a psychologist in India offers many perks, but at the same time, it can be challenging. Just like any other profession, psychology also needs a specific set of skills. These skills play a major role in your success as a psychologist. Also, a psychologist’s salary per month depends on your skill type. Here are some essential skills you require to be a successful psychologist:


Empathy is one of the most essential skills you must possess as a psychologist. It makes it possible to understand another person’s perspective. Empathetic souls are embraced with compassion. It promotes sensitive connections, treats wounds, and eases pain by understanding. Besides all this, this quality unites and harmonizes people by bridging gaps between them.

Active Listening

Active listening amplifies the power of communication. Attentive ears help you understand people and their emotions better. It also keeps your mind engaged to grasp the subtle nuances and understand everything unsaid. Non-judgmental focus honors the speaker’s voice while also improving reflective responses. All these collectively help strengthen relationships and connections. The quality influences your success and reputation as a psychologist.

Communication Skills

These are very important for every profession but a bit more essential for a psychologist. Apsychologist’s salary will depend on the skills they possess. Here’s why communication skills are important for a psychologist:

  • Effective communication builds bridges of understanding.
  • The clear expression conveys thoughts with precision.
  • Active engagement fosters meaningful and authentic conversations.
  • Non-verbal cues speak volumes in effective communication.
  • Adaptability in communication ensures successful interactions.

Problem-solving Abilities

The skill greatly influences the average psychologist salary in India. Problem-solving abilities unleash the power of innovation. Analytical thinking dissects challenges and reveals solutions. Creative approaches ignite breakthroughs in problem-solving. Resourcefulness is another quality that uncovers options and expands problem-solving horizons.

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Emotional Intelligence

Empathy, comprehension, and resilience are developed through emotional intelligence. Tempering responses with patience creates room for comprehension. That is why emotional intelligence is regarded as an essential skill for psychologists. Understanding the patient is necessary for empathic listening.

Apart from the skills, an aspiring psychologist must know the specializations it offers. There are many different specializations of psychology. Each focused on a particular element of psychological processes, mental health, and human behavior. Here are some common specializations, along with brief descriptions and average salary ranges:

Clinical Psychology

SpecializationClinical Psychology
DescriptionAssess, diagnose, and treat mental disorders
Average Salary RangeThe salary of a clinical psychologist in India ranges between ₹0.4 Lakhs to ₹8.0 Lakhs.
Work SettingsHospitals, clinics, private practice
Typical DutiesTherapy, assessments, research
Required SkillsCommunication, empathy, diagnostic abilities, knowledge of evidence-based therapies
Key Focus AreasMental health, treatment planning, psychotherapy

Counseling Psychology

SpecializationCounseling Psychology
DescriptionHelps individuals with personal and emotional issues by providing guidance, support, and coping strategies.
Average Salary RangeRanges between ₹0.4 Lakhs to ₹7.0 Lakhs.
Work SettingsEducational institutions, community centres, private practice
Typical DutiesTherapy, guidance, coping strategies
Required SkillsEmpathy, active listening, counselling techniques
Key Focus AreasPersonal and emotional well-being, mental health support

Educational Psychology

SpecializationEducational Psychology
DescriptionFocuses on understanding learning processes and educational challenges along with supporting students’ academic and emotional well-being.
Average Salary RangeRanges between ₹1.2 Lakhs to ₹3.0 Lakhs
Work SettingsSchools, colleges, research institutions
Typical DutiesAssessing learning needs, designing interventions, supporting students
Required SkillsKnowledge of learning theories, assessment techniques, empathy
Key Focus AreasLearning processes, educational interventions, student support

Forensic Psychology

SpecializationForensic Psychology
DescriptionIt is applicable to legal and criminal justice contexts. Forensic psychologists assess individuals’ competency, provide expert testimony, conduct offender profiling, and assist in various aspects of the legal system.
Average Salary RangeRanges between ₹275k to ₹593,218
Work SettingsCorrectional facilities, law enforcement agencies, consulting
Typical DutiesConducting forensic assessments, providing expert testimony, offender profiling
Required SkillsAnalytical thinking, research skills, and understanding of legal processes
Key Focus AreasLegal and criminal justice contexts, forensic assessments, offender behavior


DescriptionFocuses and emphasises on the relationship between the brain and behavior. Neuropsychologists study how neurological processes impact cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning.
Average Salary RangeRanges between ₹70,000 – ₹1,80,000/month.
Work SettingsHospitals, research institutions, rehabilitation centers
Typical DutiesAssessing brain function, conducting neuropsychological evaluations, designing treatment plans
Required SkillsKnowledge of neuroscience, neuropsychological assessment, data analysis
Key Focus AreasBrain-behavior relationship, neurological disorders, cognitive rehabilitation

Top Recruiters for Psychologists

Psychologists can work independently or can work under any organization. At the beginning of a career as a psychologist, it is always advisable to work with an organization. Also, thehighest salary of a psychologist in India may depend on where you work! If you are new to this world, here are some of the Top Recruiters for Psychologists for your reference:


Hospitals offer diverse opportunities for psychologists. They work alongside medical professionals in hospitals. Hospitals recruit psychologists for mental health services and recommend necessary measures to enhance human well-being. Psychologists provide therapy and counselling services. Hospitals value psychologists for holistic healthcare. The average salary of a psychologist in India ranges between ₹30,013 – ₹31,327/month.

Academic Institutions

Academic institutions hire psychologists for teaching and research. Psychologists contribute to the academic community. They teach psychology courses and mentor students. Academic institutions offer research opportunities for psychologists. The average salary of a psychologist in India ranges between ₹27,989 – ₹29,358/month.

Private Clinics and Therapy Centers

Private clinics and therapy centres employ psychologists for counseling. Psychologists provide specialized therapeutic services to clients. These settings offer a range of psychological treatments. Private clinics focus on individualized and personalized care. Psychologists in private practice have flexible schedules. The average salary of a psychologist in India ranges between ₹21,677 – ₹23,165/month.

Government Agencies

Government agencies hire psychologists for various roles. Psychologists work in public health, corrections, and law enforcement. They contribute to policy development and implementation. Government agencies offer stable employment opportunities for psychologists. Psychologists play a crucial role in supporting the well-being of citizens. In government agencies salary of a psychologist in India per month ranges between ₹28,135 – ₹30,551.

Non-profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations employ psychologists to address societal needs. Psychologists provide mental health services to vulnerable populations. They work on community-based interventions and advocacy. Non-profit organizations offer rewarding opportunities for psychologists. Psychologists contribute to social change and impact through their work. In non-profit organization the average salary of a psychologist in India ranges between ₹23,506 – ₹24,942/month.

Research Institutions

Research institutions employ psychologists to conduct scientific studies. Psychologists contribute to advancing knowledge and understanding. They design and execute research projects in various areas. Research institutions provide resources and support for psychologists’ research. Psychologists in research institutions collaborate with interdisciplinary teams. In research institution average salary of a psychologist in India ranges between ₹5.0 Lakhs to ₹6.2 Lakhs per year.

Rehabilitation Centers

Rehabilitation centers employ psychologists to support the recovery process. Psychologists provide counselling and therapy to individuals undergoing rehabilitation. They assess and address mental health challenges in rehabilitation settings. Rehabilitation centers value psychologists for their expertise in psychological well-being. Psychologists play a crucial role in helping individuals rebuild their lives. In rehabilitation centers the average salary of a psychologist in India ranges between ₹29,933 – ₹31,248/month.

Average Salary of a Psychologist

The average salary of a general psychologist in India varies based on their practice. The basic average salary of a psychologist in India ranges between ₹0.3 Lakhs to ₹7.0 Lakhs. However, with experience, it varies. Here is a detailed explanation: 

ExperienceAverage Salary
0-1 year₹2.6L
1-2 years₹2.8L
2-3 years₹3.4L
3-4 years₹3.7L
4-5 years₹3.7L
5-6 years₹4L
6-7 years₹4.2L
7-8 years₹3.7L
8-9 years₹3.7L
9-10 years₹4.7L

Source: Ambitionbox

Choose Your Career Path in Psychology

Psychology is one of the most fascinating fields of our time. Becoming a psychologist helps you better understand the human mind and provide effective solutions to address them. If you are someone willing to pursue psychology, this detailed guide will help you know the average salary of a psychologist in India. Before anything, you must understand that the salary may vary based on your skill and experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ’s )

How much is the salary of a psychologist in India per month?

The basic Average Salary of a Psychologist in India ranges between ₹0.3 Lakhs to ₹7.0 Lakhs. It may vary based on the amount of experience you have. It also depends on factors such as the skills you have, specialisation and location.

Is psychology a promising career in India?

Yes, a psychologist is a good career option in India. Most people are now very aware of mental health. Psychologists play a major role in solving issues related to your mental health. Besides job satisfaction, it will also help you maintain a stable financial status.

Which field of psychology pays the most?

Neuropsychologists are paid the highest amount of salary in India. Neuropsychologist salary in India ranges between ₹70,000 – ₹1,80,000/month. It is considered one of the highest salaries paid to psychologists.

How much does a PhD psychologist earn in India?

BSs psychologists are very common but Ph.D. Psychologists are becoming popular day by day in India. It is also a profession that offers a high amount of salary. The average yearly income for a BSc psychology salary per month is around ₹4.5L annually, whereas a Ph.D. psychologist in India is ₹5.5 Lakhs, with salaries ranging from ₹3.1 Lakhs to ₹24.0 Lakhs.

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