BSc Forestry in India and Related Jobs

Forests are the source of life for living beings on this planet. The science of growing, preserving, and safeguarding forests is known as forestry. Students who graduate from the BSc Forestry course will have a greater understanding of preserving it. Bachelor of Science in Forestry or BSc Forestry is a complete 4 years bachelor’s degree […] The post BSc Forestry in India and Related Jobs appeared first on Chegg India.

BSc Forestry in India and Related Jobs

Forests are the source of life for living beings on this planet. The science of growing, preserving, and safeguarding forests is known as forestry. Students who graduate from the BSc Forestry course will have a greater understanding of preserving it.

Bachelor of Science in Forestry or BSc Forestry is a complete 4 years bachelor’s degree course. The forestry course offers education and training in managing forests, their natural resources, and sustaining them. The use of recent technologies provides students with a pool of opportunities.

B.Sc. in forestry is not only a subject it is a lot more than this. It is the application of numerous scientific, economic and technical strategies to accomplish several goals.

You will have the brightest future working in the open air with natural daylight!

Now, let’s take a look at all the BSc Forestry highlights.

Course NameBachelor of Science in Forestry
Abbreviated FormB.Sc. Forestry
Course typeDegree Program
Course LevelUndergraduate
BSc Forestry Course Duration4 years
Admission processB.Sc Forestry Entrance Exam or Merit basis
BSc Forestry EligibilityIntermediate with a minimum of 45% in : Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English
BSc forestry course feeINR 3-4 lakh
Top recruitersCollege & Universities
Forest departments
Wildlife Sanctuaries
Forest Product Manager
B.Sc. Forestry SalaryA minimum salary of INR 4-8 lakhs

Skills Required for BSc Forestry

Candidates who have a passion for the outdoors and want to pursue an adventurous career can consider taking a forestry course. Candidates interested in a future in forestry must possess a variety of qualities and abilities, that will help them face the challenges at work.

So, what does it take to excel as a forester? What are the essential qualities required to become a forester? Let’s take a look at the details.


A rewarding job in forestry is especially suitable for people who love the outdoors. It is a highly in-demand field, and demand is only likely to increase. For many sectors of the economy, the forestry industry supplies raw materials. A profession in forestry is extremely advantageous for both physical and mental health.

Analytical Abilities

Foresters assess the results of surveys and field tests to decide what to do next. Testing and evaluating the quality of goods is one of the main roles of the forester. As foresters can identify a healthy ecosystem, Thus a good analysis is essential.

Physical Endurance

At the beginning of their careers, foresters may spend most of their time outside. To assist them to manage hiking, trekking, and physical hardship. Foresters aim to build their stamina and maintain excellent health.

Critical Thinking Abilities

A forester’s profession calls for quick thinking and the ability to react appropriately to potential disasters. If a forester hopes to positively impact the forest, sound judgment is essential.

Monitoring Skills

As a forester, you should have a lot of patience. To monitor activities and oversee the proper use of the tools, resources, and facilities required to complete a task. While deciding how much funds will be spent on a task, the track expenses are to be kept.

Thus these skill sets will allow you to love your work as a forester. Develop empathy to become a forest protector!

BSc Forestry Subjects and Syllabus

The BSc Forestry programme combines theoretical forestry concepts with practical expertise in a 4-year degree programme. The syllabus for the course is broken up into eight semesters and is semester-based.

The course gives students the tools they need to pursue a successful career in this industry. The students are required to be adaptable in new situations, brave, and enthusiastic about outdoor pursuits.

The specific course options for a BSc in Forestry vary mostly depending on the university and programme. We have highlighted some of the main topics covered in this course to give you a general idea of what it entails:

Below is the list of some core subjects:

  • Environmental Studies
  • Nutrient Management
  • Introduction to Geology
  • Moral and Value Education
  • Biological Sciences
  • Forest Entomology
  • Forest Utilization
  • Wildlife Management and many other

Entrance Exams for BSc Forestry

There are two approaches to getting accepted into prestigious colleges that offer BSc Forestry. The first is obtained through merit, and the second is acquired through a BSc forestry entrance exam.


A few universities accept candidates based on their 10+2 test results. Candidates must apply through the university’s admissions website and are admitted based on their grades from class 12.

Entrance Exam

Several BSc forestry entrance exams are held to admit students to the BSc Forestry program. The forestry application form 2021 must be completed by applicants.

Only after the authority has undertaken several rounds of counselling with candidates who have passed the BSc entrance exam are they able to acquire a seat in the BSc Forestry course.


Course NameBSc Forestry
Course LevelUndergraduate
EligibilityPassed 10+ 2 from a recognized board
Course Duration4 years

Top Colleges for BSc Forestry

Here is a list of the top colleges offering the BSc forestry Course. You can also see the approximate course fees.

Now, let’s take a look at all the BSc Forestry highlights.

College NameFees
Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi, VishwavidayalayApprox. INR 50 Thousand
Mewar UniversityINR 2 to 2.15 Lakhs
Himalayan Institute of TechnologyINR 2.36 Lakhs
BSc College of Forestry, KarnatakaINR 2 to 2.5 Lakhs
Guru Gharidas VishwavidayalayApprox. INR 50 thousand
Institute of media management, AgroscienceINR 1.60 Lakhs

Jobs after BSc Forestry in India

After earning a B.Sc. in Forestry, graduates can work in both the public and private sectors. There are various Forestry Research Institutes they can work with. Governmental and non-governmental organizations both employ professionals to help preserve the forests.

People who work in forestry may hold positions with a variety of titles. Including:

  • Wildlife technicians
  • Foresters
  • Forest rangers
  • Dendrologists,
  • Instructors,
  • Entomologists, and others.

They may collaborate with:

  • Zoological parks,
  • Government organisations,
  • Academic institutions, etc.

The following are the most sought-after forestry job sectors:

Assistant Forestry Manager

The roles and responsibilities of the assistant manager are multiple and diverse, which include:

  • They organize, direct, and control the team’s daily operations.
  • Managers assign responsibilities to the crew leaders.
  • They make sure that the work is finished on time.
  • Enforces departmental safety regulations.
  • Performs task-specific time and cost estimates.
  • Verifies that safety gear is being used and is functioning properly on crew task sites.
  • They also explain to citizens how to cut down or remove fallen trees.

The average salary of an assistant manager varies from place to place. The average salary of an Assistant Manager is 8.5LPA (Approx). (Source Credit: Ambition box)

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Nursery Manager

The daily activities of a nursery must be managed by a nursery manager. These horticulturists recruit and educate nursery staff to:

  • Cultivate plants,
  • Design plants displays
  • Address consumer inquiries,
  • Control stock levels.

Additionally, he has responsibilities to:

  • To develop and maintain flowers, shrubs, and trees.
  • He should possess in-depth horticultural expertise
  • He must have superior leadership abilities.
  • A top-notch nursery manager must be able to preserve a healthy nursery ecology.
  • He guarantees the company’s prosperity.

The average salary of a nursery manager in India is 4.0 lakh. (Source Credit: Ambition box)

Agri-Credit Manager

Credit officers also referred to as loan officers, are employed by financial organisations that help borrowers with loan applications. The roles and responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing all documents from loan requests to. delivering loans.
  • To effectively look after the financial data.
  • Make important decisions on all financial matters.
  • A solid understanding of loan processes.
  • He must also have industry best practices as they relate to banking laws and rules.

Hence, an average salary of an Agri-credit Manager is around 4.8 lakh. (Source Credit: Ambition box)

Forest Ranger

A forest ranger manages various tasks and protects the forest from the harm caused by poachers. The responsibilities of the ranger include:

  • To look after various activities inside the forest.
  • Protect forests from unlawful activities like poaching.
  • Safeguard the rare species.
  • Taking care of animals who need immediate help.
  • Providing a safe environment for the people who come to visit forests.
  • Patrolling the forest area.

Hence, an average salary of a Forest Ranger is around 5.00 Lakh. (Source: Payscale)

Farm Manager

A farm manager has various roles and responsibilities to look after, which include:

  • To oversee employees.
  • Look after farm animals.
  • Maintain hygiene at the farm.
  • To look after the sick animals at the farm.
  • Prepare a budget.
  • To provide maximum profitability of the business.

The average salary of a farm manager is 5.4 LPA. (Source Credit: Ambition box)

Teacher/ Lecturer

A lecturer or teacher professional in this field is to impart knowledge to the students. The candidate for the position of assistant professor will also provide guidance to students. The following are the responsibilities of a lecturer:

  • He/she will participate in intellectual endeavours.
  • They should carry out charitable deeds.
  • The lecturer will collaborate with the college and community on projects.
  • This is one of the ideal jobs for people seeking a comfortable life after studying this course.

The average salary depends on the university or college one is teaching in. It may range between 6.0 lakh to 20 lakhs or even more. (Source Credit: Ambition box)

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Chegg employs SMEs in a range of subjects. Students all across the world, serve as online tutors. According to their comfort and convenience, they respond while seated at home. The roles of an expert are:

  • They help students with their doubts of the students.
  • Provide innovative solutions to the queries raised.
  • To provide feedback on the assignments.
  • To help students with the assignment.

The average salary of a Chegg Q/A expert is around 3-4.8 LPA. (Source: Ambition box)

Jobs in India After BSc Degree for Freshers
BSc Courses and Jobs in India

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scope of B.Sc forestry?

The scope of BSc Forestry is widely spread. Graduates with a BSc in Forestry degree can join a private or public institution and work as: 

– Agri-Credit Manager 
– Assistant Manager 
– Farming Manager 
– Nursery Manager 

The annual pay range for a BSc in Forestry is somewhere between ₹ 3 – 7 lakh. 

Is B.Sc forestry a good course?

Forestry is a wonderful profession, mainly for people who love nature. Forestry is a fantastic option for anyone interested in a stable job option. Graduates of B.Sc. Forestry courses can get jobs with the Indian Government’s Forest Department. Many of the exams being held by the central government are open to you. They could be involved in the hiring processes for several central government departments.

Which course is the best BSc agriculture or BSc forestry?

Compared to BSc forestry, BSc agriculture seems to have a wider scope. It is suitable for someone who works hard. You must focus on what you enjoy and are passionate about. The doors to opportunity will ultimately open. Both have promising job prospects. However, because BSc (Agriculture) is a basic course, there may be many alternative career options.

What should I study in B.Sc forestry?

Candidates who enrol in the BSc Forestry course receive training in resource and forest management.  The bachelor of science in forestry program offers a wide range of specialization fields to students. Some of the popular specialization fields are:

– Forest Management,
– Forest Economics,
– Commercial Forestry,
– Wood Science & Technology,
– Wildlife Science, etc.

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