Reality of IT Companies in India

Skilled are software engineers rest are corporate beneficials.

Reality of IT Companies in India

IT Companies in India is basically a software support services provider company where they are providing support on existing softwares.Your coding skills does not work here, you should know excel more than coding. Your Microsoft Excel skill is more valuable in Indian IT companies. No matter it’s a big giant like TCS, Infosys or Bipro. If you have expertise in excel more than coding then you are an important employee to them. Let’s read this little story and analyze what is happening in Indian IT companies:

[Coding things] Suppose there are 1,000 centers and each one have approx capacity of 200–250 users. Now you have 1 million users and need to distribute these users in all 1000 centers in different different shift. What will you do ?

As a software engineers my explanation is, create a stored procedure or write a program and allot all users in different different shifts. It’s a very simple task to do through coding.

Now the so called big IT companies guy is doing this:

Open Microsoft Excel -> Copy all data into Excel -> allot each center row by row by manual entry. And we say WTF….

So, this is a very small story, hope you like it. Most IT companies hire a technical graduate not for coding, they hire most of the candidates to work as a technical support.

There are following reasons for low salary of Software engineers in India due to lack of proper IT companies:

  1. Firstly I would say define who are the software engineers. If your friend or someone you know who is working in reputed big companies. Just ask about their work. I assure you, that 90 out 100 candidates will not doing software engineering work in those companies. They just doing software support, L1,L2,L3 there are many more hilarious work.
  2. In India approx all companies are service based so they do not need to develop software's. they need only software support then why they pay more.
  3. Unskilled so called Software engineers. There are many Institutions available in India who provide B.Tech degree without attending classes. They don't have enough teachers or infrastructure to enhance skills of students. All are doing just business i.e. not called education.
  4. Most students don't do software engineering as a passion, they do only about getting work and earn more. Then lack of skills is a reason for lower salary.

But skilled engineers get enough salary in India. So you can say skilled are software engineers rest are corporate beneficials :).