MSc Nursing Scope in India (Updated 2023)

MSc Nursing is the ideal course for people whose calling in life is to take care of sick people and help them recover. It is a two-year master’s degree programme in nursing which also includes clinical specialisation and clinical practice. Universities have crafted the MSc Nursing syllabus to provide students with expertise in medical care. MSc in […] The post MSc Nursing Scope in India (Updated 2023) appeared first on Chegg India.

MSc Nursing Scope in India (Updated 2023)

MSc Nursing is the ideal course for people whose calling in life is to take care of sick people and help them recover. It is a two-year master’s degree programme in nursing which also includes clinical specialisation and clinical practice.

Universities have crafted the MSc Nursing syllabus to provide students with expertise in medical care. MSc in Nursing is a full-time program but some institutes also give the part-time option.

In this course, students learn nursing research and statistics as well as nursing administration. They can also gain skills in paediatric and cardiology nursing. MSc Nursing students focus on medical-surgical and allied health skills among other topics.

To take admission into MSc Nursing, a candidate should complete BSc Nursing. People are not eligible for the MSc nursing entrance exam unless they complete BSc Nursing. But, final-year BSc Nursing students can appear for the MSc Nursing Entrance Exam 2022.

MSc Nursing Highlights

To enrol in the MSc Nursing course, you should know all the vital information about it. Take a look at all the crucial highlights of MSc Nursing Admission 2022 in the table below:

Course LevelPostgraduation Degree
MSc Nursing Full FormMaster of Science in Nursing
Duration2 Years
Course TypeAnnual or Semester System
EligibilityBSc in Nursing
Admission ProcessEntrance Test / Direct Admission
Program CostINR 1.30 Lakhs
Average Salary (Per year)INR 2 Lakhs to 8 Lakhs
SectorsNursing Clinics
Healthcare Service Providers
Military Hospitals
Medical Universities
Nursing Colleges

Skills Required for MSc Nursing

The career of an MSc in nursing graduate is not easy and has many challenges. They need to have skills and aptitude to excel in this job role. After all, aiding doctors in tough situations demands nurses to be equally adept.

Their career is not just about getting a job after completing a degree course in two years. It has many more facets and nurses must have these basic skills to be good at their jobs.


The nature of the medical field makes it essential for all professionals to be passionate. If someone does not have enough desire, they end up as mere holders of a degree. If a nurse wants to improve and hone their skills daily, they will become valuable. Doctors as well as patients will value the efforts of the nurses.


Nurses must get to know their patients at a humane level to help them heal. One can connect with the patients to give optimum care and treatment. A doctor is not able to spend too much time with the patients after surgery. But, the nurse spends time attending to the needs of the patient. So, they need to have the human touch to ensure the patient gets due care.


If a nurse loses their calmness in a tough situation such as a critical surgery, things will get difficult. It will hurt the process and the result of the surgery will not be as expected. Yes, the doctor plays the main role in the overall scheme of things but the nurse also has a major part. So, they need to be calm and composed in difficult times.


A nurse must be able to give CPR and other treatments in case a doctor is not present. They need to prepare patients for surgeries even in the absence of a doctor. So, a nurse must make some vital decisions in tough situations. If a nurse does not have the sharp mind to take these calls, they will not be good at their job. Having the ability to take the right step in crucial times is essential for a nurse.

Emotional Strength

Despite feeling the pain and agony of patients, nurses should remain balanced. They need to be strong mentally and emotionally to carry out their job no matter how bad the situation is.

MSc Nursing Subjects and Syllabus

Students learn high-level concepts in the above domains in the first year of MSc Nursing. In the second year of MSc Nursing, they perform research and learn about nursing management. This course gives students the right base to grow their careers in the field of nursing.

So, they should get to know the MSc nursing syllabus at the right time. The table below has the list of all subjects MSc in nursing students study during the course.

First Year
1.     Nursing Statistics and Research
2.     Clinical Speciality – 1 Surgical & Medical Nursing
Nursing- Mental Health also known as Psychiatric Nursing
Community Health Nursing
3.     Nursing Education
4.     Advance nursing practice
Year 2
1.     Nursing Management/ Administration
2.     Dissertation or Research
3.     Clinical Speciality – 2 Surgical-Medical Nursing,
Gynecological Nursing
Psychiatric Nursing
Obstetrics Nursing
Community Health Nursing

After getting to know all the subjects in the MSc in Nursing course, aspirants can make better a decision. They can assess the pros and cons of the course and also judge if it is the right course for them.

Entrance Exams for MSc Nursing

All those who want to enroll in the MSc Nursing course should find out about MSc Nursing Entrance Exams 2022. To make things easy for you, here is a list of important entrance tests.

Exam NameDate of Exam
1.     GPAT09.04.2022
2.     PGIMER MSc Nursing Entrance Exam03.06.2022
3.     INI CET08.05.2022
4.     CMC Vellore MSc Nursing Entrance Exam22.07.2022
5.     AIIMS MSc Nursing Exam02.07.2022

Please note that the dates will not be the same in 2023. These dates are applicable and useful only for candidates seeking MSc nursing admission 2022.

Top Colleges for MSc Nursing

A candidate who wants to get MSc nursing admission 2022 should also know about the course fees. The fees vary from one college to another depending on numerous factors. Also, government colleges usually charge less than private colleges. Please see the MSc Nursing fees in some of the best colleges in India.

Name of the CollegeFees Charged
1.     Army Institute of Nursing·       Rs. 1.14 lakhs
2.     Apollo School of Nursing·       Rs.1 lakh
3.     SGT University·       Rs. 1.13 lakhs
4.     Krishna Institute of Medical sciences·       Rs. 1.16 lakhs
5.     Amrita College of Nursing·       Rs. 1.15 lakhs

When a candidate is aware of the MSc Nursing fees, they can easily choose the college that fits their budget.

Jobs after MSc Nursing in India

MSc in Nursing is in great demand among students because it is easy to get a job after this degree. Also, the salary levels are quite attractive to people from all backgrounds. Here are some of the best job roles after this course along with MSc Nursing Salary.

Nursing Instructor

Nursing instructors are responsible for a diverse array of duties related to teaching new nurses. They are responsible for instructing designated classes and creating coursework required to educate learners in the programme. They also assist their firm’s director and the faculty staff coordinator in integrating the nursing guidance program’s norms.

Salary Scale

Approx. Rs. 6,90,000/-

Staff Nurse

A staff nurse is always a certified nurse who offers excellent treatment to corporate employees, nursing facility residents as well as patients in a hospital. They are in charge of performing preliminary patient assessments, checking vital signs, and guiding patients through the recovery process.

Salary Scale

Approx. Rs. 2,40,000/-

Nursing Supervisor

A Nursing Supervisor evaluates the participation and performance of nurses. They notify patients’ families about surgical treatments and doctor’s orders. These professionals give emotional help to patients, as well as their friends and relatives. They require clinical skill in the monitoring of mental health and medical emergencies is required.

Salary Scale

Approx. Rs. 4,40,000/-

Nurse Assistant

The job of a Nurse Assistant is about assisting patients with cleanliness and hygiene tasks such as visiting the restroom, taking a bath, cleaning their teeth, and wearing clothes. Feeding patients to help them with their meals. Closely watching overall health and blood work, heart rate and reporting the findings to the registered nurse.

Salary Scale

Approx. Rs. 1,50,000/-

ICU Nurse

An intensive or critical care nurse is another term for an ICU nurse. Within the ICU or CCU, these nurses provide the majority of immediate treatment to a  patient with life-threatening injuries or medical illnesses. ICU nurses regularly care for patients with heart problems, head trauma, burn victims, and patients trying to recover from surgical operations that necessitate nursing services.

Salary Scale

Approx. Rs. 3,20,000/-

Clinical Nurse Manager

Nurse managers are in charge of handling finances and human resources. They make sure of patient and employee contentment, and keep a secure workplace for healthcare workers, visitors and patients. Clinical nurse managers maintain standards as well as the quality of treatment & care to patients. They align the unit’s targets in sync with the hospital’s organizational plans.

Salary Scale

Approx. Rs. 6,00,000/-

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All in all, opting for the MSc in Nursing course will be an excellent choice for students. They can earn high salaries and a lot of respect by making valuable and meaningful contributions to society. It has all the benefits and job satisfaction that any ambitious person will crave.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which MSc Nursing college is the best?

The Master of Science in Nursing course is one of the very popular programs in India, hence is available in several colleges or institutions. The course is available in both private as well as government institutions. Here is the list of the top Indian colleges for an MSc in Nursing. 
1. Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research, Chennai. 
2. AIIMS Delhi, New Delhi 
3. KGMU, Lucknow
4. CMC Vellore, Vellore 
5. PGIMER, Chandigarh
6. JIPMER, Pondicherry

Is MSc Nursing equal to MBBS?

No, MSc in Nursing is not the same as MBBS. A person with an MBBS degree may become a doctor but that is not the case with MSc Nursing degree holders. People with an MSc Nursing degree cannot write Dr. before their name. An MSc in Nursing helps students become nurses & supervisors who help and aid doctors.

Is MSc Nursing a good career?

Yes, post-graduates in nursing have many good career options after getting their degree. They can earn a lot of respect as well as money when they start working. The program offers a huge scope in several industries. Their salary range is from INR 2 Lakhs to INR 8 Lakhs which is enough for a great life.

Is MSc Nursing necessary after BSc nursing?

MSc in Nursing is the extended branch of study of BSc Nursing. It is not necessary candidates can pursue any course as per their career goal. However, MSc in nursing program is the level-up stage of BSc nursing which provides foundational knowledge of nursing studies. Students can also pursue other science programs after BSc nursing but MSc in nursing is the ideal one. 

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