The Complete List of Paramedical Courses in India

Paramedical courses are the line of education supporting the mainstream medical facilities hospitals and doctors provide. Paramedical courses do not make an individual a fully qualified doctor. These courses empower individuals to perform pre-hospitalization and emergency-related services without being qualified as doctors. Some examples of such professions are Nurses, Medical Testing personnel, and Physiotherapy.

The Complete List of Paramedical Courses in India

Paramedical courses are the line of education supporting the mainstream medical facilities hospitals and doctors provide. Paramedical courses do not make an individual a fully qualified doctor. These courses empower individuals to perform pre-hospitalization and emergency-related services without being qualified as doctors. Some examples of such professions are Nurses, Medical Testing personnel, and Physiotherapy.

Paramedical courses are designed to make individuals service alongside normal hospital workings. They are classified into three classes-

  1. Bachelor’s Degree
  2. Diploma
  3. Certificate

These courses can be taken up right after the 10th and 12th standards in science (PCB). There is no set percentage to qualify for such courses, but each institution can set its own eligibility criteria. The scope of the paramedical courses is very good as jobs are readily available after completion of the respective course.

List of Paramedical Courses with Duration and Fees

S.No. Paramedical Course Duration Fees
1 B.Sc. (Hons) Paramedic Science 3 years INR 15 lakhs
2 B.Sc. Radiology 3 years INR 10,000/- to 10 lakhs
3 B.Sc. in Audiology and Speech Therapy 4 years INR 4 lakhs
4 B.Sc. Nursing 4 years INR 2.5 lakhs
5 Diploma in Child Health 3 years INR 50,000/-
6 Diploma in Ophthalmology 2-3 years INR 2-5 lakhs
7 Diploma in Dermatology 2 years INR 1-3 lakhs
8 Certificate in Research Methodology Up to 1 year INR 10,000/-
9 Certificate in Lab Testing/Technician Up to 1 year INR 45,000/-
10 Certificate in Dental Assistant 1-2 years INR 1.5-3 lakhs

Paramedical Courses List and Description

We have various services and specializations individuals can choose for in their careers. Also, we have various stages and types of courses that can be taken up, like, after 10th and 12th and certificate, diploma, bachelors, and so forth.

Paramedical Courses after 10th Standard

1. Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery (ANM)

Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery deals with the basic study of anatomy and medical equipment. The tasks of ANM candidates will include handling equipment in the operation theatre and otherwise in any emergency situations.

  • Duration- 24 to 36 months
  • Fees- INR 30,000/- to 1,75,000/-

2. Diploma in Radiology

Diploma in Radiology deals with the technology to image and diagnose various diseases in patients, particularly with X-ray machine technological study. The tasks of a professional in this field will include working with patients in the X-Ray testing and inferring the reports to diagnose diseases.

  • Duration- 2 years
  • Fees- INR 50,000/- to 1,90,000/-

3. Diploma in Gynaecology and Obstetrics

A diploma in Gynaecology and Obstetrics is specially designed to prepare faculty in the gynecology and obstetrics specialty. The course studies Fertility, Basics of Gynaecology, Diagnosis of Reproductive system, Labour and fetus Development, etc.

  • Duration- 2 years
  • Fees- INR 50,000/- to 5,00,000/-

4. Diploma in Child Health

A diploma in Child Health, also known as Child Health Nursing, enables professionals to take special care of children, infants and adolescents. This course provides detailed knowledge about child health care, including subjects like Growth and Development, Clinical Epidemiology, Paediatrics and Neonatal Therapeutics, and Social Paediatrics, among many others.

  • Duration- 3 years
  • Fees- INR 50,000/-

5. Diploma in Rural Health Care

A diploma in Rural Health Care is specially designed to uplift rural areas and includes the study of first aid, sanitation, healthcare and basic patient handling education.

  • Duration- 1 year
  • Fees- INR 35,000/- to 1,50,000/-

6. Diploma in Community Health Care

A diploma in Community Health Care is a major field of study that aims at maintaining, protecting and improving sections of the population or communities. This course deals with people’s physical and mental well-being in a specified geographic area.

  • Duration- 3 years
  • Fees- INR 1-2 lakhs

7. Diploma in Orthopaedics

A diploma in Orthopaedics is a specialised field of medicine that studies the musculoskeletal system. This relatively more complex course studies bones, joints, muscles, nerves, tendons, and ligaments.

  • Duration- 3 years
  • Fees- INR 60,000/- to 27,00,000/-

8. Diploma in Ophthalmology

A diploma in Ophthalmology aims at developing skills in Physiology, Eye diseases and Anatomy for the professional. The main topics studied in this course are practical ophthalmic science, hereditary qualities, pathology and genetics.

  • Duration- 2-3 years
  • Fees- INR 2-5 lakhs

9. Diploma in Optometry

Diploma in Optometry deals with the detailed study of the human eye, including diagnosis and treatment. This course covers different topics: patient management, retail management and psychology.

  • Duration- 3 years
  • Fees- INR 20,000/- to 2,00,000/-

10. Diploma in Dermatology

A diploma in Dermatology deals primarily with the study of the skin and hair, scalp and nails. One year of internship in this field is compulsory to complete the diploma course.

  • Duration- 2 years
  • Fees- INR 1-3 lakhs

11. Diploma in Clinical Research

A diploma in Clinical Research deals with the candidate’s understanding of drug development, ethical testing, and other procedures through optimally designed modules. This course is focused on bioethics governing the hospital industry in different countries.

  • Duration- 1 year
  • Fees- INR 50,000/-

12. Certificate in Research Methodology

Certificate in Research Methodology deals with core medical research and includes various aspects like statistics, mathematics, data analysis, reporting, presentation and inference. This is a beginner-level course that facilitates the work of senior research professionals.

  • Duration- 4 months to 1 year
  • Fees- INR 10,000/-

13. Diploma in Dermatology, Venereology, and Leprosy

A diploma in dermatology, venereology, and leprosy deals with the integrated study of three major paramedical courses and includes subjects about skin and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

  • Duration- 2-3 years
  • Fees- INR 1,00,000/-

14. Certificate in Lab Assistant/Technician

A certificate in lab assistant makes aspirants learn the skills of performing clinical tests in a medical lab facility. This course enables you to aid the physicians and scientists in their endeavors to diagnose and carry out treatment procedures.

  • Duration- 6 months to 2 years
  • Fees- INR 30,000/-

15. Certificate in Nursing Care Assistant

A certificate in nursing care assistant focuses on developing skills and knowledge to assist nurses. With experience, they can become nurses aiding doctors in medical treatment and procedures.

  • Duration- 6 months to 2 years
  • Fees- INR 50,000/-

16. Certificate in Operation Theatre Assistant

A certificate in OT Assistant enables one to prepare the operation theatre, assist in maintaining machines and equipment and manage inventory.

  • Duration- 2 years
  • Fees- INR 1,00,000/-

17. Certificate in Dental Assistant

A certificate in Dental Assistant imparts knowledge about human dental health. The job includes greeting patients at the entry, preparing for the procedures, sterilizing tools, and assisting doctors while they treat the patients.

  • Duration- 6 months to 2 years
  • Fees- INR 1.5 – 3 lakhs

18. Certificate in ECG and CT Scan Technician

Certificate in ECG and CT Scan Technician is a course that teaches the use of such instruments and aiding doctors in fixing treatment needs through technique study.

Duration- 1 year
Fees- INR 40,000/-

Paramedical Courses after 12th Standard

1. B.Sc. (Hons) Paramedic Science

B.Sc. (Hons) Paramedic Science is a special course that practically deals with developing the knowledge and understanding of a student in areas of challenging front-line hospital roles and out-of-hospital procedures.

  • Duration- 3 years
  • Fees- INR 15 lakhs

2. B.Sc. Radiology

B.Sc. Radiology deals with the technical study of diagnosis ailments of the internal parts of the body. The main tasks of a professional include working with radiation equipment in labs like X-rays, MRI, and CT Scan are a few common examples.

  • Duration- 3 years
  • Fees- INR 10,000/- to 10 lakhs

3. B.Sc. in Audiology and Speech Therapy

B.Sc. in Audiology and Speech Therapy deals with the detailed study of the ordinary and abnormal speech and auditory systems to enable the professional to identify, diagnose and treat different illnesses.

  • Duration- 4 years
  • Fees- INR 4 lakhs

4. B.Sc. Ophthalmic Technology

B.Sc. Ophthalmic Technology deals primarily with a detailed study of the human eye. This very competitive course gives theoretical and practical learning to the professionals to make them identify and diagnose eye-related disorders and help treat them.

  • Duration- 3 years
  • Fees- INR 2-3 lakhs

5. B.Sc. Operation Theatre Technology (OTT)

B.Sc. Operation Theatre Technology (OTT) is a course that prepares individuals to form a major supporting role in high emergency situations performing assistance in the operation theatre. Professionals are trained to handle high-pressure situations and critical patients in the OT.

  • Duration- 3 years
  • Fees- INR 5,000/- to 1 lakh

6. B.Sc. Respiratory Therapy Technology

B.Sc. Respiratory Therapy Technology deals mainly with cardiovascular and respiratory systems preparing the professionals to provide accurate diagnoses and treatment for patients’ diseases.

  • Duration- 3 years
  • Fees- INR 50,000/- to 8 lakhs

7. B.Sc. in Dialysis Therapy

B.Sc. in Dialysis Therapy is a course that prepares professionals who provide a strong paramedical support system and provide specialized care to renal failure patients as trained dialysis technicians.

  • Duration- 3 years
  • Fees- INR 20,000/- to 2 lakhs

8. B.Sc. Nursing

B.Sc. Nursing is a course that should be pursued by students who want to serve humanity by being a nurse. Support staff in a hospital plays a major role in a patient’s recovery, and a nurse’s work is a gift to humanity. This course deals with studying Nutrition, Microbiology, Surgical nursing, pathology, and genesis, among many others.

  • Duration- 4 years
  • Fees- INR 2.5 lakhs

9. Bachelor of Physiotherapy

BPT focuses on the study of the physical movement of bones and joints. It prepares professionals to prevent disability and ailments of movement. BPT students must complete 6 months of mandatory internship from a recognized hospital.

  • Duration- 4 years
  • Fees- INR 1.6 lakhs per annum

10. Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences (BNYS)

BNYS is an integrated paramedical course that studies naturopathy and yogic sciences. It involves the treatment of patients with minimal to no use of medicines but with the help of natural and yogic methods to cure ailments.

  • Duration- 4.5 years
  • Fees- INR 7-8 lakhs

11. B.Sc. in Cardiac/Cardiovascular Technology

This UG degree falls under the allied courses in medical sciences that prepare cardiac technologists to help physicians treat and diagnose heart disorders. The course involves theoretical and practical knowledge, as an internship is compulsory.

  • Duration- 3-4 years
  • Fees- INR 5 lakhs

12. GNM

GNM stands for General Nursing and Midwifery. It is a UG program that prepares an individual to become a nurse at a hospital responsible for caring for the patients and administering help to the doctors during the treatment.

  • Duration- 3 years
  • Fees- INR 1-1.5 lakhs

13. Diploma in Physiotherapy

Diploma in Physiotherapy deals with the study of bones, joints, nerves, muscles and physical movement. It prepares physiotherapists to cure patients with movement disabilities and injuries.

  • Duration- 2 years
  • Fees- INR 1-5 lakhs

Paramedical Courses after Graduation

1. PG Diploma in Cardiac Pulmonary Perfusion

This course is an important element in the surgical team and assists the main surgical doctor in a cardiac arrest situation where the lung and heart are affected. This focuses on building a strong knowledge base in physiology and pathophysiology, cardiothoracic anatomy, fetal and neonatal cardiac development, pharmacology, and perfusion science.

  • Duration- 2 years
  • Fees- INR 40,000/- to 60,000/-

2. PG Diploma in Anaesthesiology

This course deals with the study of anesthetic drugs and their usage. It also includes the effects of various kinds of anesthetics on patients. It enables one to study and choose the appropriate type of anesthetics and dosage following the patient’s condition.

  • Duration- 2 years
  • Fees- INR 2-5 lakhs

3. PG Diploma in Child Health

This course deals with the study of health issues regarding nursing care for adolescents, young children and infants. This falls under pediatrics.

  • Duration- 2 years
  • Fees- INR 6,000/- to 1,00,000/-

4. PG Diploma in Medical Radio-Diagnosis

This course uses radiation, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance as diagnostic, therapeutic, and research tools in medicinal practices.

  • Duration- 2 years
  • Fees- INR 35,000/-

5. Master of Paramedic Science

This course provides you with the knowledge and skills to move towards the evolving roles of paramedics and extended community care paramedic positions.

  • Duration- 2 years
  • Fees- INR 50,000/- to 1 lakh

6. Master of Paramedic Practitioner

This course is designed to provide paramedics with excessive knowledge and skills in their field to support and be a strong backbone of the medical industry.

  • Duration- 2 years
  • Fees- INR 35,000/- to 70,000/-

7. Master of Physiotherapy

This course deals with physical therapy, which is used to improve the physical functions of a person through physical therapy. It provides knowledge about bones, muscles, joints, and nerves.

  • Duration- 2 years
  • Fees- INR 35,000/- to 50,000/-

8. MD in Pathology

This course deals with the study of Pathology, Immunology, and Neuroscience. It helps the students to learn about the process, effects, development, and cause of the ailments.

  • Duration- 3 years
  • Fees- INR 2.5 to 12 lakhs

9. MD in Anaesthesia

This course focuses on studying different concepts of Anaesthesia, such as General Anaesthesia, Sedation, and Regional Anaesthesia. It enhances certain skills in identifying and deciding upon the dosage of anesthesia for patients.

  • Duration- 3 years
  • Fees- INR 5 to 25 lakhs

10. MS/MSc in Psychiatric Nursing

This course focuses on the care of mentally unstable patients. The course concentrates more on critical practical situations than the normal theoretical knowledge.

  • Duration- 2 years
  • Fees- INR 80,000/- to 2 lakhs

11. MS/MSc in Community Health Nursing

This course imparts advanced knowledge of nursing methodologies and principles. The degree prepares nurses to assume leadership roles in assessing communities and populations.

  • Duration- 2-3 years
  • Fees- INR 90,000/- to 4,50,000/-

12. MS/MSc in Medical Lab Technology

This course deals with the introduction to patient care with proper diagnosis using clinical laboratory equipment to run the tests. Some important aspects covered are Microbiology, Haematology, Blood bank, Biochemistry and Toxicology.

  • Duration- 2 years
  • Fees- INR 60,000/- to 1,00,000/-

13. MS/MSc in Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing

This course addresses the reproductive health of women. Professionals help women during pregnancy, childbirth and with their reproductive system.

  • Duration- 2 years
  • Fees- INR 50,000/- to 5 lakhs

14. MS/MSc in Paediatric Nursing

This course studies children’s health, including the knowledge of how to deal with procedures and medicines for children. This includes regular checking of vitals and knowing how to administer medical help to children of different ages.

  • Duration- 2 years
  • Fees- INR 20,000/- to 1,50,000/-

15. MS/MSc in Child Health Nursing

This course focuses on providing specialist know-how to aspirants who want to help the community by imparting exceptional medical treatment to children, infants and adolescents.

  • Duration- 2 years
  • Fees- up to INR 3,00,000/-

Best Paramedical Colleges in India

AIIMS, New Delhi

AIIMS Delhi was established in 1956 and is the most chosen college for paramedical courses. This institution is of national importance to India and has been ranked as the best medical college by NIRF 2019, which was twice consecutively. The best doctors in the country are passed from AIIMS, and the BSc paramedical courses are provided with a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge.

Total paramedical course fees in government colleges (AIIMS)- INR 10,000/- to 15,000/-.

CMC, Vellore

CMC Vellore was established in 1900 and has robust experience providing quality education to medical students pursuing paramedical courses. Various ranking agencies have ranked CMC as the 2nd and 3rd medical college in the country. They offer various Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate courses with the best course being B.Sc. Nursing.

Total college fees- INR 50,000/-.

BHU, Varanasi

Banaras Hindu University (BHU) Varanasi is ‘A’ accredited by NAAC. Recently this year, they have introduced a new scholarship program for Ph.D. students- Annie Beasant Fellowship. BHU has signed documents with more than 40 different domestic and international universities to provide students with the best faculty and educational services.

The fee range for various courses is high. The total paramedical course fees in private colleges start with INR 7,500/- for one to three-year courses and INR 80,000 for the MBBA courses.

SGPGIMS, Lucknow

Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGIMS) Lucknow has all medical courses, including super-specialty courses like DM, M.Ch., Ph.D., etc. For the past few years, this college has been ranked in 4th and 5th positions by NIRF in medical sciences. It was established in 1983 as a public university but is currently held as a private one. The entrance is based on both NEET-PG and interviews. Its campus is spread across 550 acres and provides world-class learning and development experiences for the students.

Total paramedical courses fees- INR 70,000/- to 80,000/-.

JIPMER, Pondicherry

JIPMER Puducherry is one of the few institutions in India that provides medical education from undergraduate to super-speciality and sub-specialties courses. This college was established in 1964 as a public university and had a campus area of over 190 acres. Most university courses require pre-requisites as the eligibility criteria which should be followed to be admitted to the college for an enriching educational experience.

Total college fees- INR 20,000/- to 35,000/-.

Paramedical Exams in India


NEET is one of India’s most prestigious entrance exams for paramedical course admission. The test consists of 4 subjects- Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, and Botany. NEET comprises 180 questions, with each subject being tested with 45 questions. Each correct answer is awarded 4 marks, and 1 mark is deducted for each incorrect answer. Thus, the exam is 720 marks, and the duration is 3 hours and 20 mins.


MHT-CET stands for Maharashtra Common Entrance Test and is conducted online in a Computer-based model. The subjects that are tested- Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and mathematics. To apply for the best paramedical courses, the candidates must choose the PCB option instead of the PCM option. The test is for 200 marks, and there is no negative marking on incorrect answers. However, the difficulty level of the questions is similar to JEE Mains.

Jobs after completing your Paramedical Course


Radiologists are paramedical doctors specializing in executing and interpreting medical imaging such as X-rays, CT scans, ultrasounds, and MRIs. They normally do not handle the general medical needs of a patient. The average paramedical salary of a radiologist in India is INR 10 lakhs per annum.

Nursing Officer

A nursing officer is responsible for the effective and efficient running of the nursing service across various hospital departments. They also manage the director in formulating the board’s policies concerning nursing services. The average salary of a nursing officer in India is INR 3-8 lakhs per annum.

Medical Advisor

Medical Advisors assist clinical research professionals and help train and support the sales force. Also, a medical advisor provides an authoritative opinion regarding medical-based questions and legal and regulatory matters. Thus enabling colleagues to comply with the required statutory requirements. The average salary of a medical advisor in India is INR 5 lakhs per annum.

OT Technician

An OT Technician is responsible for the accessory work of the Operation Theatre, which includes movement of patients in and out of the OT, preparing the OT for various emergency and routine procedures, checking equipment, restocking and managing supplies and assisting the staff in arranging supplies and providing new know-how. The average salary of an OT Technician in India is INR 4.5 lakhs per annum.

Medical Coder

A medical coder is responsible for analyzing medical records and identifying documentation deficiencies. They serve as a resource and subject matter expert to other coding personnel. They also review and verify documentation that supports diagnoses, procedures and treatment results, along with identifying diagnostic and procedural information. The average salary of a medical coder is INR 4.5 lakhs per annum.


The working of a hospital includes saving lives, and it is not the sole responsibility of doctors to save lives. They can be the centre of every medical treatment, but the support staff makes it possible for the doctor to manage and cure patients. This support staff is the paramedical professionals who take care of every little thing that the patient and so much so the families need.

We have tried to draw a good career for such enthusiastic aspirants. With AIIMS New Delhi being the best institution to study at, we have also provided other top universities. There are numerous positions a person can take while studying paramedical courses, and we have listed some of them in detail.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the scope of paramedical courses in India?

Ans. After completing paramedical studies, various job options are available to the candidates who can choose from, and with experience, even the income will match the expectations. Being a paramedical professional is a great career considering the pandemic and increased demand for hospital staff.

Q.2 How many years does it take to complete paramedical courses?

Ans. Paramedical courses of Bachelors and above level generally take 3-5 years to be completed. It is also to be noted that one year of internship is compulsory for most courses and is required by the colleges and universities to be a qualified professional. Also, practical experience in this field is as important as theoretical.

Q.3 Which is the highest salary in paramedical?

Ans. B.Sc. Nursing is one of the best and most highly paid paramedical professions, which qualifies an individual to work as a nurse or nursing officer. The average salary for a professional with five years of experience can be well above eight lakhs per annum.

Q.4 Does DU have paramedical courses?

Ans. Yes, DU offers paramedical courses for its students. Some medical colleges under DU are-

Lady Hardinge Medical College.
Maulana Azad Medical College.
University College of Medical Sciences.

Q.5 Which paramedical courses are a must for medical aspirants?

Ans. There is no course compulsory paramedical course for medical aspirants. Still, some courses they can do to uplift their knowledge and experience are a certificate in nursing, a certificate in dialysis, and a certificate in optometry.

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