Learn How to Become an Actor 

Many people dream of being an actor. There are different challenges to clear before one can break into acting. The person interested in becoming an actor should possess certain qualities and talents to establish them as an actor.   India is one of the leading film markets selling around 981 million movie tickets in 2022. This […] The post Learn How to Become an Actor  appeared first on Chegg India.

Learn How to Become an Actor 

Many people dream of being an actor. There are different challenges to clear before one can break into acting. The person interested in becoming an actor should possess certain qualities and talents to establish them as an actor.  

India is one of the leading film markets selling around 981 million movie tickets in 2022. This gives a huge opportunity for aspiring actors to get in touch with different talent agencies and start their acting careers. Aspiring actors must prepare by attending acting schools, different auditions, networking, and never losing the spirit. 

The benefits of becoming an actor are fame and living the dream. But the competition is vast. Many newcomers are looking to break into acting. Also, getting the right opportunity is a major challenge. 

This article will discuss how to become an actor. This will discuss building acting techniques, acting portfolio, proper auctions, and networking techniques. 

Types of Acting Jobs Available 

When it comes to acting there are different types of acting. It’s up to the choice of the actor to choose them. Let’s look at the various jobs. 

Build Acting Techniques 

Importance of Training and Education 

  • It is important to train and educate on different forms of acting. Ultimately, it is not just about the good actors that make an actor. The candidate would be judged based on their acting skills to portray complex characters.  
  • The training introduces the actor to new challenges. It helps to make the actor understand their skills and talents.  

Types of Acting Classes 

To build acting skills, one needs to attend acting classes. There are different types of acting classes. These acting classes would help an aspiring actor understand how to start an acting career. Let’s look at some of them. 

Audition Technique 

This class teaches monologue preparation and provides audition tips, script analysis, and processes to approach the casting teams. 

Scene Study 

This class teaches the actors to work on particular scenes. The instructor teaches the actors to use the provided materials as vehicles to drive their acting skills. 

Technique Class 

This class focuses on different techniques set by experts. Some techniques are the Chekov technique, the Strasberg technique, and the Meisner technique. 

On-Camera Acting 

This class teaches the actors to act properly in front of a camera. This class helps build the actor’s confidence around cameras. 


This class teaches the actor to improvise a scene or dialogue during a scene.  

Cold Reading 

This is a form of acting where the lines or script are practiced with little or no rehearsals. 


Actors looking to make a career in commercials should undergo this training. This will teach them to improvise swiftly and how to handle it. 


For those who looking to make a career in musicals, undergoing vocal acting class is important. This will teach how to use the voice efficiently and avoid injuring the vocals. 

Body and Movement 

This acting class would bring flexibility to the body. It would tell when to move the body and how much space to take. 

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Essential Acting Techniques 


Being in control of voice would help the actor to take on any complicated role. Some roles required a long duration of talking in different modulations. So, developing the voice range is an important acting technique. 

Character Development 

An important acting technique is the art of developing characters. The actor would be given a character, but to live the character is their responsibility. So, it is important to have this acting technique to become a good actor. 


Some characters would require too many physical movements like dancing or action scenes. So, developing the movement technique to blend in any character is important. 


Acting is communication. An actor must communicate with others like the director, casting team, fellow actors, or agents. So, they must do it clearly, or important opportunities might slip away. Communicating is an essential part of acting. 

Creating an Acting Portfolio 

Importance of a Strong Acting Portfolio 

  • A strong acting portfolio is like a professional resume of an actor. The portfolio reflects the acting techniques, acting experience, and different talents.
  • An acting portfolio makes the actor look professional. It briefly reflects the actor’s talents. 

Elements of a good acting portfolio 

There are several elements for a good acting portfolio. Let’s look at them. 


This is an important part. It displays a close-up picture of the face from different angles. The photos should be clean and polished. Always try to get it clicked by a professional photographer. 

Demo Reels 

Include demo reels in the portfolio. This reel should include the main acting gigs in theatres, movies, commercials, or television. 

Shoot a Small Video 

Always put a small introductory video. The video should discuss the acting experience, recite a monologue, or include an acting clip. This would give the casting managers or the audition team an idea about the actor. 

Display your Acting Experience and Training 

Do not forget to include all the professional training, acting skills, and acting performances. 

Tips for Creating a Good Acting Portfolio 

  • Have a professional photoshoot with a professional photographer.  
  • Put all the important acting clips in the portfolio to impress the casting director. 
  • Prepare a professional portfolio to display your acting talent and training. 
  • Always chronologically put the information. This would help the agents to easy to understand. 

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Auditioning and Networking 

An aspiring actor needs to attend auditions. This would help them get a good role.  Different auditions would help to explore different personality traits of the actor. This would help the casting agents contact the actor for other roles. The aspiring actor should understand the role for which they will audition. They should come prepared and always carry their portfolio with them.  

Always try to increase the professional network during auditions. Have your portfolio handy with contact details. Try to talk to casting agencies people to know more about auctions and the important people. This would help the actor to get into the right circle. 

Find Acting Jobs 

Here are a few tips on how to find acting jobs: 

  • Contact different casting agencies. Please provide them with the latest portfolio. They would invite if there any roles suitable for the actor. 
  • Hire a manager or an agent. They have a good network in the industry. So, they can help the actor play good roles in movies, serials, or commercials. 
  • Have a personal website. For better reach, put all the professional details with the headshots and demo reels. Have social media pages and reach out to casting directors. 
  • Attend multiple auditions. This would help them in bagging a good role. 
  • Follow trending hashtags for casting on social media pages like #castingcall #audition, #casting, and others. 

Tips on How to Become an Actor 

Understanding the Art 

  • Acting is not like a normal 9 to 5 job. It requires passion, dedication, and determination to be an actor.  
  • The candidate should learn acting under professional acting coaches. This would help them to realize their professional niche and work on it. 

Audition is the Key 

  • There is no success without attending auditions. An actor’s maximum time should be invested in attending auditions.  
  • The more auditions they attend, the more chances to be selected. 

Build a Professional Portfolio 

  • A portfolio is a resume for actors. Always have it handy to give to the casting agencies or directors. 
  • This should reflect all the acting works, training, photoshoots, and video clips of acting in it. 

Have a Good Agent 

  • A good agent takes away the maximum of the actor’s workload. They are responsible for getting the actor into different auditions.  
  • They have a good professional network, and it would benefit the actor. 

Promoting Yourself 

  • Have social media pages and create a website. Always promote the work and the photoshoots on social media. This would attract the right people for acting roles. 
  • Keep posting your latest acts and photoshoots on your social media pages with the right hashtags. 

Keep at it 

India is a country of cinema lovers. So, even though the competition is fierce, there is always scope for aspiring actors. There are several ways how to become an actress or actor. The actor should prepare a good portfolio, act in local theatres, attend auditions, hire good agents, promote themselves, socialize with the right people, and train themselves to become good actors. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you become an actor at 13? 

The first step is to enroll in a good acting school. Learn the nuances of acting from the experts. Hire a good agent, and they will help you land good acting jobs. 

How to become an actor in Hollywood? 

It is not easy getting into Hollywood. But a professional actor with good experience can try hiring a good casting agency that would help the actor land a role in Hollywood movies. 

How to become an actor with no experience? 

The actor should participate in local theatres, take acting classes, build a portfolio, attend more auctions, and learn about the industry. 

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