How To Write A Successful Declaration For Resume

When are looking for a job, a resume is one of the most important items. It has all the information for employers to give a detailed idea of your qualifications and skills. However, it is very important to send a declaration for a resume with the resume.

How To Write A Successful Declaration For Resume

When are looking for a job, a resume is one of the most important items. It has all the information for employers to give a detailed idea of your qualifications and skills. However, it is very important to send a declaration for a resume with the resume. This assures employers that the information written on a resume is correct.

What is a declaration for a resume?

A declaration for a resume states that the information given in the resume is correct and is to the best of your knowledge. The statement acknowledges that everything written in your resume is correct.

The declaration for your resume includes your name, full signature, address and date. When you attach the declaration statement, the intent of your resume is strengthened. Plus, it shows your professionalism and helps eliminate confusion and discrepancies. Moreover, the practice of including the declaration for a resume is quite an established concept, and it has its benefits of adding in the resume.

Importance of Declaration for Resume

Here are some reasons why you should include the declaration for your resume or declaration In CV:

  • Credibility: It helps in bringing credibility to your resume as it states that the information shared by you is authentic. Also, it makes sure that you are responsible for every piece of information being stated.
  • Avoid Fraud: Declaration for a resume helps prevent fraud and misconception in the application process. The declaration states that you are not misleading the employer to acquire the job.
  • Avoids Ambiguity: The declaration for a resume is very important when you send the resume to the potential employer. It provides affirmation about the authenticity of your resume.
  • Showcase Professionalism: Adding the declaration for the resume as your closing statement gives a professional and formal look. It enhances your professional image with all prospective employers.
  • First Impression: The declaration for a resume provides a great first impression in the minds of employers. It would be essential for first-time job seekers to add the declaration statement to their resume.

Why Should You Add a Declaration in Your Resume?

At the end of every resume that you have seen, you must have noticed that it has a declaration confirming that everything listed in the resume is verified and accurate. Declaration for resume confirms that the information provided by the candidate is accurate and correct.

It is needed when the employer is not familiar with the candidate. Plus, it is very useful when the resume is sent to the employer via a contact person or recommendation.

There are multiple situations where sending a declaration for a resume proves to be a helpful step, like an educational institution, a government organization, an organization with a corporate ladder, a formal job application, etc. However, here are the reasons why it is important to add a decoration statement to your resume:

  • Catalyst: When you work hard to prove and verify all the information provided in the resume to prevent confusion, misconception, and fraud in the hiring process.
  • Referral: Declaration for resume is important for your referral to give your reference a chance to show that all details given in your resume are completely true.
  • Great Impact: Providing a declaration statement in your resume showcases the candidate’s credibility and greatly impacts the employer.
  • Avoid Manipulation: It is very important to have a declaration for the resume as it avoids manipulation of the applicants’ details.

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Tips to Make a Resume Declaration

When thinking about writing a declaration for a resume or a declaration for CV then, it is important to keep five important tips in mind. These are as follows:

  • Don’t Scan the Signature:When you share your resume with the employer over fax or email, it is unnecessary to scan the signature. Rather, add the signature to your resume and scan the complete document. Moreover, if you could not personally sign the resume, then you could skip the signing and write your full name. Writing your name as a sign-off is needed. This process could be used when the employer request Google Doc or Microsoft resume format.
  • Only Relevant Details:The declaration for the resume statement is not a personal information piece, so don’t use fancy or unnecessary words. Rather focus on providing the essential information. Also, keep the declaration statement as short as possible so that no extra space is covered.
  • Proofread:When you use wrong punctuation or incorrect spelling, the meaning of your declaration statement could be changed. Thus, it is always a good practice to proofread the declaration for the resume  Plus, spelling errors might showcase you as someone who lacks knowledge of the written language.
  • Check Readability: The declaration for the resume should be short but easy to understand and read. Plus, the simple language states the declaration clearly and is easy to read by the employer. Also, the declaration in resume for freshers should be grammatically correct and written formally.
  • No Fancy Fonts:The declaration of resume is the closing line that does not mean that you should use fancy fonts. When you write the statement, use the same font and font size as the other section of the resume. It is the formal section of the resume. Thus it is better to keep it simple.

Declaration for Resume Template

Is declaration in resume necessary? Whether you are fresher or experienced, it is beneficial to include the declaration in the resume template. You can always use the following template when writing your declaration statement:

  1. Write the statement of declaration or the best declaration for resume.
  2. Below the statement on the left-hand side, write the current date and location.
  3. Write the full name and signature on the right-hand side and below the statement.
Statement of Declaration Name Signature
Current Date

Declaration for Resume Examples

We have listed down a few examples of declaration statements or declaration format for resume that you could use as inspiration:

  1. I, at this moment, declare that every piece of information above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
  2. All information shared in this resume is correct and truthful.
  3. I declare that every piece of information and detail shared in the resume is inclusive and correct. I take full responsibility for the correctness of the information.
  4. I solemnly announce that all the information given is accurate, and I will be responsible for any variation in the future.
  5. I sincerely confirm and verify that every fact mentioned in my resume is accurate, and I take full responsibility for the accuracy and authenticity.

Career Objectives and Resume Declaration

Is declaration needed in resume? The short answer is yes. The need for writing a declaration for a resume comes when a candidate has to send their CV via post to the employers. The recruitment process used to be more hierarchical than it is today.

The candidates started using the formal approach to connect with the employer. Therefore the declaration statement created a good impression and was considered standard practice. So, when you are applying for the below jobs then, you should add the declaration statement:

  • Government Agencies:Various government jobs, mainly educational institutions and agencies, ask you to complete the form that requires your signature. When you apply to these jobs, you could add your resume and your full signature.
  • Large Organisation: Many large organisations have their application form for personal resumes. These forms always have the declaration statement and statement you should sign for additional terms related to confidentiality.

The career objective statement is the most important section in your resume’s last line. Since it’s the first thing that potential employers see, you need to make sure it stands out from the rest of your resume. The following are some tips for writing effective career objectives:

Be specific about what you want to do. Your career objective should be a clear description of what you want to do with your life and how you plan on doing it. Be as specific as possible — even if it means writing down every one of your dreams and goals in this section.

Be honest about who you are. Your career objective should reflect who you are and what makes you different than other people in the job market. Furthermore, it should also demonstrate why hiring managers will find value in hiring someone like you over someone else.

Keep it short and sweet (no more than one sentence). The goal here is to get across only one or two main points about yourself, so keep things simple and concise!

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A Job that is Rewarding and Easy

Many declarations for resumes have similar structure and content. Thus, whether to include the declaration statement for resume or not depends completely on the job requirement. So, be it any job profile like government jobs, online tutoring, a job with a big organisation etc., it would be rewarding to mention a declaration statement. However, it is better to mention it to make a good first impression.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do you write a declaration statement on a resume?

Ans. To write a perfect declaration statement, it is important to keep it simple, precise and straightforward. Ensure that your sentence assures the hiring manager that the information in the resume is correct and true to the best of your knowledge.

Also, mentioning the current date and signature validates the claims you are stating in your resume to the hiring manager. It is important to mention the full signature at the end to ensure that you comply and certify what you have written.

Q2. Is a declaration required in the resume?

Ans. It has been a long debated issue regarding whether the declaration for a resume is important or not. For instance, if you are carrying a self-written resume to the interview. Then it is not necessary to give a declaration statement to prove the information in the document is true or not.

However, the relevance of the declaration statement has been long debated. It is a personal call on whether the resume requires a declaration. In the old days, writing a formal declaration left a great impact on the mind of employers. So, if you send out resumes via post to an employer, it would be beneficial for you to write the declaration statement along with it.

Q3. How do you give a declaration?

Ans. A declaration for a resume is not very long. It is just one or two sentences long. When you are writing the declaration statement while applying for a job then, keep in mind the below steps:

  • Write for Authenticity:Many declaration statements start with sentences to assure the employer that every piece of information in the resume is correct and true to the best of my knowledge. Also, this statement is the last line of your resume. You should be clear and definitive when writing it. This statement expresses the honesty and responsibility of your words.
  • Location and Current Date:When you write location and current date after your declaration statement, it validates your claim and showcases your hiring manager that your information is up-to-date. You should place the location and date on the left side and below the declaration statement.
  • Signature: When you add the complete signature below the declaration statement, it states that you have written and complied with it. Always add the full name on the right side below the statement and the signature just above the name.

Q4. How do I write a self-declaration?

Ans. When you are writing your declaration for your resume then, you can follow the below template:

  1. Write the statement of declaration.
  2. Add the current date and location below the declaration statement and on the left-hand side.
  3. After that, write the full name and signature below the declaration statement and on the right-hand side.

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