How to Become Air Hostess? A Preparation Guide

Statistics from the last eight years show an increase in the number of operational flights in India. The country which had 74 airports earlier has a total of 140 functioning airports now. Additionally, the government has plans of developing 220 airports. If everything goes as planned, these airports should start their operations in the next […] The post How to Become Air Hostess? A Preparation Guide appeared first on Chegg India.

How to Become Air Hostess? A Preparation Guide

Statistics from the last eight years show an increase in the number of operational flights in India. The country which had 74 airports earlier has a total of 140 functioning airports now.

Additionally, the government has plans of developing 220 airports. If everything goes as planned, these airports should start their operations in the next five years.

This growing scenario of aviation industries shows the increasing demand for air hostesses in India. Air hostesses generally assist passengers and ensure their safety during a flight.

The job involves a lot of travelling around the world. As an air hostess, you should possess great communication, problem-solving, and hospitality skills.

So, how to become an air hostess in India? You can take up a certificate, degree or diploma program in the aviation field. Qualification for the air hostess course requires you to pass the 12th examination in any stream. You also have to meet certain age, height, weight, and language requirements for cabin crew qualifications.
This article will cover everything you need to know to become an Indian air hostess.

Types of Air Hostess

The following are the various types of air hostess jobs:

Flight Attendant

As a flight attendant, you should demonstrate safety procedures to the passengers. This will help them at the time of an emergency. You will also be in charge of passengers’ comfort and safety throughout the flight.

Ground Operator

If you are a ground operator, your job role requires you to assist the passengers before and after flights. This involves welcoming them, providing the necessary support and ensuring flight takeoff. Ground operators play a crucial role in commercial activities and the proper running of airports.

Management Personnel

Individuals for this position are employed by the city where the airport is situated. Being the Management Personnel, you are in charge of all airport operations. All departments and employees will work according to your orders.

You will oversee the day-to-day activities at the airport. Apart from that, you should manage future airport planning.

How to Become an Air Hostess in India

Passing the 12th exam in any stream is mandatory in air hostess career requirements. After that, you can go for any of the following courses from a reputed academy:

To work as an air hostess in India, you should at least be 17 years old. You also have to be 5 feet 2 inches tall. The most crucial part is that you should have a valid passport in hand.

Physical and mental fitness is crucial in becoming an air hostess. You should also have an attractive personality. Showing mastery of different languages is an advantage in air hostess qualification.

What Does an Air Hostess Do?

Job responsibilities of air hostess include:

Communication of Safety Procedures

An air hostess explains the flight regulations and demonstrates how to make use of emergency procedures. The information should cover weather conditions, aircraft features and the use of safety gear. You should also check that the safety tools like life vests and fire extinguishers are in working condition.

Ensuring Passengers’ Comfort

As an air hostess, you are supposed to provide passengers with eye masks, pillows, and blankets. You should dim cabin lights while passengers are resting. You can turn them on during meal times. Periodic checks should also be conducted to ensure order in the cabin.
Meals and snacks should be served at the proper time. Make sure the aeroplane is clean and tidy before, during, and after the flight.

Passenger Assistance

Some of the tasks include:

  • Welcoming passengers
  • Checking their tickets
  • Directing them to their respective seats
  • Place their luggage in the overhead storage compartment safely
  • Making sure everyone has fastened their seatbelts
  • Escort disabled passengers from an aeroplane

You will make announcements during, before and after the flight. Passengers can summon you for assistance by clicking a button. You are required to answer all their concerns. 

Keeping Track of Inventory

Keep a list of the items that are on board for sale. Assist passengers in making transactions.

Educational Requirements to Become an Air Hostess

The candidate should pass the 12th examination mandatorily. You can opt for a stream of your choice. However, the arts stream is the most preferred in this line of work.

Upon completion of higher secondary, apply for an undergraduate course. There are several air hostesses after 12th arts with high salaries. Although a degree is not necessary, it will be beneficial. After graduation, enroll for a certification course such as:

  • Certificate in Aviation Security and Safety Certified Associate in Hospitality Management.
  • Certification along with training will help you secure a job with a better salary package. 

Physical and Medical Requirements

The personality traits of a successful air hostess are always exceptional. Qualifications for an air hostess depend heavily on a pleasant demeanor and a positive attitude.

Candidates should be within the air hostess age limit of 18-26 years. They should be at least 157.5 cm in height. The weight of the individual should be proportional to their height. Do check the airline requirements as well.

You should be unmarried at the time of joining. You should possess a vision of 6/6. Fluency in English is mandatory. Knowledge of regional languages or dialects is an added advantage.

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How to Become Air Hostess After 10th

It’s mandatory to have clear senior secondary exams to pursue air hostess courses. You should pursue higher secondary classes. Along with that, you can prepare for entrance exams such as:

This is to ensure that you get into any of the top aviation colleges. You can also prefer diploma courses in aviation after the 12th. Or, you can take up a certification course and apply for a job.

However, candidates with an undergraduate degree or diploma are usually preferred by airline authorities.

By taking up a certification course after a degree or diploma, you will have an edge over other candidates.

How to Become Air Hostess After 12th

Students can prefer any stream after clearing the 10th. It should be noted that English is one of the main subjects. Alongside this, you can prepare for the entrance exams of top universities. Students from any stream are eligible to pursue a course in Aviation and Hospitality Management.

Top Aviation Courses

Some of the high-salary courses after 12th arts or any other stream are as follows:

BBA in Aviation

It’s a 3-year course. The candidates should clear higher secondary exams with a minimum aggregate score of 50%. You will have to clear entrance exams like LPUNEST and JUEE. These air hostess course fees can vary from Rs.70,000 to 4 lakhs. Your expected salary will be around Rs. 4-9 lakhs per annum.

BBA in Airport Management

The candidates should pass the 12th exams with an aggregate score of 60% and above. To get admission, you should score well on entrance exams such as:

  • DU JAT
  • SET
  • NPAT

Average course fees are around Rs. 26,000- 6 lakhs. You will make a salary of Rs. 3.31- 12.1 lakhs per year.

Skills and Qualities to Become Air Hostess

Here are some of the important skills required to become an air hostess:

Good Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Air hostesses deal with a variety of people from different backgrounds. Hence, you should make sure that you can communicate clearly with them. You should develop public speaking skills to address huge masses confidently. Fluency in English is mandatory. Knowing two or three languages apart from English is helpful.

You should come across as a friendly and helpful person. This is to ensure smooth interactions with passengers.

Problem-solving and Decision-making Abilities

For instance, there is an emergency. As an air hostess, you are supposed to take charge and bring the situation under control. You should instruct the passengers about using safety equipment while remaining calm. If necessary, you will be responsible for carrying out the evacuation procedures. Learn how to defuse tough circumstances amicably.

Multi-tasking and Time Management Skills

Air hostesses are always on a tight schedule. You are expected to finish all the tasks within the given time. Your flight’s departure and landing will depend on the completion of these tasks.

You will also have to cater to the different needs of passengers. Multi-tasking and time management skills are vital to complete tasks on time.

Emotional Intelligence and Adaptability

Being an air hostess is not easy. Every day, you are presented with different challenges. Without emotional intelligence, it will be difficult to tackle these situations.

You will be assigned to different flights and time schedules. The job also requires you to stay away from home. You must be willing to accept and adapt to these changes.

Training and Certification Courses to Become Air Hostess

Your air hostess training period will depend on the airline you are hoping to work with. Generally, it takes around 4-6 weeks for completion. The training program features information about safety procedures and airline operations. It also involved a detailed explanation of your specific job responsibilities.

Certification courses can take around 3-12 months to complete. Top certification courses include:

  • Air Hostess Training
  • Air Hostess Management
  • Cabin Crew or Flight Attendant
  • Airlines Hospitality
  • Aviation Management and Hospitality
  • Aviation Customer Service (certification)
  • Airlines Hospitality (certification)
  • Flight Purser (certification)
  • Hospitality and Air travel Management (certification)
  • Airline Passenger Service (certification)

Salary of an Air Hostess

A study by Glassdoor suggests that an air hostess’s average salary varies from 5.80 – 8.11 lakhs per annum. The highest salary offered can be up to Rs. 14.50 lakhs per year. With relevant experience of at least 2 years, your average salary in a year can be around Rs. 3.50 lakhs.

Your salary will gradually increase as you gain more experience and improve your skills. Air hostess salary and benefits also depend on the company you are working for.

A Part-time Job that Pays like Full-time

Job Search and Interviewing

Need some tips for being a successful air hostess? Take note of these points before attending the airline interview process for air hostess:

  • Pursue air hostess training from a recognized institute.
  • Research the airline you’re applying for thoroughly.
  • Read their career page to have a better understanding of their recruitment process.
  • Design your resume considering your strengths and the requirements for the job. Ensure that your passport is up-to-date and you don’t have any visa restrictions.
  • Having a 2-year experience in a frontline job is added advantage.
  • During the GD, be aware of your manners and don’t cut people in the middle of a conversation.
  • Reflect on your passion for the job during the interview. Show who you are and be confident about your personality.
  • Share your experiences in detail.

Some of the commonly asked questions for air hostess interviews include:

  • What do you know about airlines?
  • Give us five reasons to hire you.
  • Share your experience of having to deal with a stressful situation!
  • Describe your strength and weakness.

Perks of an Air Hostess

The advantages of being an air hostess include:

  • The job pays a satisfactory salary. With more experience comes bigger salaries.
  • The aviation industry is growing. Thus, the demand for air hostesses is also on a rise.
  • Opportunity to travel around the world. You can take free flights to explore new locations. Even if you’re flying on a different airline, you can get a discount.
  • Free overnight stay at hotels in between flights. This is meant for resting. However, sometimes, you will get the time to explore the place as well.
  • Most airlines provide excellent health insurance packages.

Key Takeaway

Being an air hostess is a dream for many people. One of the main advantages of the job is that you get to travel around the world. You also get the opportunity to meet new people every day. Each encounter is a chance for you to leave a positive impact on people.

To earn a high-paying job, you should possess qualities such as:

• Patience
• Confidence
• Good Communication
• Flexibility
• Risk Management

After clearing your 12th exams, you can choose a diploma, degree or certification course in aviation. Both your physical and mental fitness is crucial in getting you the job. Interviews usually prefer candidates who have fluency in at least 2-3 languages.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is there any exam for an air hostess?

If you desire to get into a top university, you will have to crack entrance exams like:

7. SET

Some colleges give direct admissions based on your 12th examination scores.

How long does it take to become an air hostess?

After clearing your higher secondary examination, it’ll take around:

1 year to complete a diploma course
3 years to complete a degree program

Certification courses usually take 3-12 months to complete. You also need to complete a training period of around 4-6 weeks.

What is the salary of an air hostess?

The salary of an air hostess depends on several factors such as the airline you work for, your experience level and job responsibilities. As per Glassdoor, an air hostess’s average salary is around Rs. 5.80 – 8.11 lakhs per annum. The highest salary offered can be up to Rs. 14.50 lakhs per year.

Which age is best for an air hostess?

There is no specific age that is considered best for becoming an airhostess, as it depends on the requirements of the airline and the individual’s qualifications and experience. However, most airlines have certain eligibility criteria, such as a minimum age requirement of 18-21 years and a maximum age limit of around 27-35 years.

Is an air hostess a permanent job?

An air hostess can be a permanent or a contractual job depending on the airline. Some airlines offer a full time job offering job security and benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off whereas other airlines may offer the position on contract basis without the same level of job security and benefits.

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