Examples of the best resume for freshers in India

Making a resume includes listing all the achievement, education and skills in a single document. It is more like a documentary reflection of the things we have achieved in life so far. Not only is it limited to listing all of these but also in correct font, grammar and sequential order.

Examples of the best resume for freshers in India


Making a resume includes listing all the achievement, education and skills in a single document. It is more like a documentary reflection of the things we have achieved in life so far. Not only is it limited to listing all of these but also in correct font, grammar and sequential order. Apart from the money a resume gives you, having a job at an early stage of your career brings you closer to professionalism. Indeed, the first step to begin your career journey is to build a strong resume. By the end of this article, you will be able to write the best resume for freshers that will get you an interview call. Before we start learning how and what to write in a resume, note that there is no certified method to write a resume. In this article, we will learn how to precisely fill the resume to make it attractive. 

Resume headline for freshers/Best resume headline for freshers 

A good resume often includes your target job title, your key skills, educational qualifications and career objectives in a few lines. It is written in a brief and concise way so that the recruiter can grasp maximum from your resume. Basically, a resume headline for freshers is a summary of your profile highlighting at the top of your resume. A recruiter receives resumes in bulk for a particular job opening. So, it is obvious that he/she will hardly spare any time to glance at your resume. In fact, they often use resume headlines or titles to shortlist applicants for a job interview. Consequently, they do not even go through most of the resumes. 

How to write a resume headline for freshers (best resume for freshers) 

By now you must be familiar with the concept of headlines in a resume for freshers. Now, let us understand how to properly frame it. 

Review your job role/description and write accordingly 

Firstly, understand that a single resume cannot be used for multiple job descriptions. Let us assume that you want to choose to become a teacher by profession but you possess a passion for writing as well and you want to continue with content writing side by side. Then, you should not use the same resume for both the roles. In fact, you have to build a different resume for both the roles with resume headlines reflecting passion for the role you are applying for. 

Choosing appropriate keywords to build the best resume for freshers 

Recruiters usually search the database of applicants using keywords present in the job description. Consequently, it is likely that they shortlist resumes that contains these keywords. A small trick to identify the best keyword for a job role is by adding keywords present in the job description posted by the company. This helps to match your profile for the job role and increases your chances of getting hired. 

Keep it short and brief 

The primary purpose of a resume headline is to grab the attention of the recruiter. Writing long paragraphs or phrases may distract the attention of the recruiter and may end up ignoring the resume. So, make sure you write only the points that are important and avoid unnecessary details. For instance, avoid using phrases like highly motivated, highly skilled, and optimistic and so on. These phrases do not benefit by making your resume look uncommon. Your headline should fit the purpose of the job role. It should not be too broad and vague. 

Positioning your headline 

It is not a part of the resume body. So, you should place your headline at the top of the resume below your name. 

Stylize your headline (best resume for freshers) 

Style your headline by using professional fonts. Capitalize each word in the heading but do not over exaggerate. Use the same font that you used to write the body of the resume. This adds a professional look and enhances the resume of freshers. Format it in such a way that it blends in the resume yet stands out from the rest of the body. For instance, you may add a background font color to the headline. Note that the color should match the theme color of your resume. 

Why is it important to write a headline in resume of freshers? 

As already discussed, a headline is your first impression in the eyes of a recruiter. It may lead the recruiter to glance at your capabilities or turn down your resume. Let us have a look in detail at how a headline benefits the resume of freshers. 

Grabs recruiter’s attention 

Recruiters receive thousands and thousands of applications for a single job role. Therefore, they do not even go through most of the resumes. A strong headline grabs the attention of the recruiter forcing him to go through the resume. So, it is better to put in a little effort and write an appealing headline. 

Highlighting your capabilities and skills 

A good headline summarizes your relevant skills and qualifications in a few words. Hence, it gives an idea to the recruiter if you are ideal for the job role or not. In fact, the body of your resume makes sense only if your resume headline manages to make an impact on the recruiter. Resumes of freshers do not have much to boast about. Therefore, headlines in resumes give an opportunity to reflect the skills and knowledge for the vacancy or job role. 

Important points to remember while writing headlines in resume for freshers 

Certainly, a fresher does not have much to write in a resume in terms of work experience. However, there are several other things that you can include in your resume to stand out such as: 

Educational qualifications 

Try to include relevant course certificates or degrees you possess for a job role that can maximize your hiring chances. Go through the qualifications required given in the job description for the opening and try to include it in your headline. For instance, there is a vacancy for a software engineer in XYZ company and you possess a B.Tech in Software Engineering. Then, use it in the headline and utilize your qualifications. 

Certification and academic achievements 

Let’s say you appeared in some competitive examination and secured a decent rank. Then, you can showcase your ability in the headline in this manner. For instance, you secured an AIR rank of 60 in the JEE examination. Here is the right time to boast about your hard work. This highly increases the chances of catching the eyes of the recruiter. Not everyone appears for competitive examinations and not everyone secures a good rank or percentile. So, if you possess one then include that in your resume. On the other hand, if you received any award while doing a project or internship. Then, you can also hint that in the headline and later elaborate about it in the body of the resume. 

Relevant skills (best resume for freshers) 

If you possess any unique skills or strengths. Then try to include them in blended form with your educational qualifications. Resumes for freshers require something that can verify their skills. For instance, software engineering freshers can write ‘highly skilled in software algorithms and integration testing with 3 months of industrial training’ as their headline. 

Similarly, if you are applying for a typist job role. Then, you can include your typing speed in the headline. It depends upon the type of job role or work you are applying for. Analyze your job role and write accordingly. 

Headline examples for the best resume for freshers 

Below are some headline examples so that you can properly understand the above discussion and implement it while writing headlines for yourself. 

Resume headline for Software Developer 

  • B.Tech in Computer Science | Proficiency with C++ and Java | Passionate towards work. 
  • B.Tech in Software Engineering | Seeking to achieve a challenging position in a technical organization | Understanding of programming languages C, C++ and data structures. 

Resume headline for Marketing Manager 

  • Master’s degree in Marketing & Sales | Seeking a Marketing Manager position to implement innovative Marketing Strategies. 

Resume headline for Content Writer 

  • Master’s in English Literature | Working knowledge of SEO | Passion for Writing | Capable of creating engaging and good quality contents. 

Resume headline for SEO Manager 

  • Hands-on knowledge of On-page and Off-page SEO tools & tactics | Working knowledge of Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, SEM Rush, Moz Analytics. 

Resume headline for Sales Manager 

  • Major skills include pre-sales proposals, handling customer conflict, identifying new business opportunities, maintaining client relationship & excellent customer service. 
  • Ability to engage with different types of customers | Adept at handling Customer Complaints | Focus on Customer Retention. 

Resume headline for Teacher 

  • Master’s in Chemistry along with a B.Ed degree | CTET Qualified | Looking for a role of PGT Chemistry Teacher in a Reputed School to utilize my knowledge and teaching skills. 
  • PhD in Botany | CSIR NET Qualified | Looking for a job as a Lecturer in a Recognized College to guide the aspiring youths. 

Resume headline for HR 

  • Human Resource graduate | Strong Communication and Interpersonal skills | Well-acquainted with HR databases, Recruitment activities, Interviewing candidates | Excellent Negotiation skills | Proficiency in English Language. 

Resume headline for Financial Analyst 

  • Bachelor’s in Finance | Cash Flow Management | Budgeting Skills | Financial Reporting | Cost analysis. 

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Final thoughts 

In this article, we discussed how to build a good resume with a suitable headline. We also understood the importance of a headline in a resume and how it helps to catch the eyes of the recruiting manager. 

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