Earning Potential In Aviation: Average Air Hostess Salary

Air hostesses, also called stewardesses or flight attendants, are one of the female-oriented professions in the aviation industry. The primary role of an air hostess is to welcome flight passengers, guide them with all the technicalities and boarding formalities, and inform them about safety procedures. It is one of the most demanding jobs in airline […] The post Earning Potential In Aviation: Average Air Hostess Salary appeared first on Chegg India.

Earning Potential In Aviation: Average Air Hostess Salary

Air hostesses, also called stewardesses or flight attendants, are one of the female-oriented professions in the aviation industry. The primary role of an air hostess is to welcome flight passengers, guide them with all the technicalities and boarding formalities, and inform them about safety procedures. It is one of the most demanding jobs in airline hospitality, offering a handsome payout and job security. The average air hostess salary is Rs.5.76 per annum. Though, it differs from one company to another.

The aviation sector is one of the ever-growing industries that every year select deserving candidates. As per the statistics, the Indian Aviation market size will grow by $12.55 billion by 2028. It has a growing demand because of different reasons including job flexibility, security, high income, additional benefits like insurance, retirement plans, etc.

So, if you wish to get the opportunity to work as an air hostess, you must possess excellent communication skills, organizational skills, and an attractive personality. However, you must know about the air hostess salary before applying for an air hostess job. It will help you choose the perfect designation in the aviation industry.

Skills Required to Be an Air Hostess

A career in the aviation sector can bring you many opportunities to grow and flourish in your expertise area. As per the statistics, the aviation industry offers almost 87.7 million jobs across the world. Therefore, many aspiring people are working hard to get a secured job in this sector. However, if you are an aspiring candidate, you must know the eligibility criteria before applying and understanding the air hostess salary in India.

However, you can opt for this job if you are interested in working in the hospitality sector while traveling. To start your journey as an air hostess, you must have a few soft skills and an undergraduate degree in aviation.

Also, you can opt for an air hostess course that comes under your budget. Several undergraduate courses, such as B.Sc in Hospitality and Travel, BBA Aviation, diploma courses, and other certification courses, are available to get air hostess jobs. You can do these courses after you complete your 12th from a recognized board.

However, the skills you need to excel in the air hostess jobs are listed below.

Excellent Communication Skills

Air hostess must have an effective communication skill to maintain safety and security in the aviation. Being a Cabin Crew member, it helps them to alert people about the safety procedures and resolve passengers’ concerns and queries. It will be simpler for you to convey your instructions more easily. Additionally, it will help you give easily understandable and clear answers to the passengers which will create a positive impression.

Confidence and Assertive Behavior

Mindfulness and confidence are one of the most crucial skills you need to become a successful air hostess. You can master this nature by opting for an air hostess course. But, when you will become an air hostess, it must come out naturally. If you are confident and have a positive behavior, it helps you think critically and deal with the challenging situations. You can use this specific skill to ensure the flight passengers will follow all the rules and regulations of conduct while boarding on a flight.

Proficiency in Multiple Languages

You must know more than one language as an air hostess. Apart from knowing English, you must prepare yourself in such a way so that you can handle different passengers coming from different parts of the world. Your proficiency in several languages can help you communicate with the passengers in their native language. It can create a positive impact on the passengers and they will feel more comfortable.

Time and Stress Management Skill

Fulfilling several responsibilities in a flight often causes excessive stress and burnouts. Therefore, you must possess stress management skills to cope with these situations. It will help you stay calm and rejuvenate yourself so that you continue your work. Also, you should have proper time management skills. Punctuality helps you grow exponentially in the aviation sector. Whether it is about checking tickets or helping passengers, this skill will streamline your daily work.

Agility and Physical Fitness

As an air hostess, you must work outside when you may experience fatigue because of your long hour journey. We all know that the average salary of air hostess in India is high but what we do not know is that it demands high professionalism and physical fitness. It is especially crucial when the candidate boards a long-duration flight. So, if you are agile and physically fit, it can provide more energy and strength during your long working hours.

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What is the Salary of Air Hostess

The salary of the air hostess depends on several factors, including airline type, company, job experience, Institute profile, qualification, etc. The air hostess profession provides an appealing work environment. The air hostess salary per month in India with domestic carriers ranges between 21k and 40k. The average salary for air hostess in India is 1.4 lakh p/mo.

With two to five years of experience, your earning potential will increase with time. Apart from the monthly salaries, air hostess can earn additional advantages such as retirement benefits, flight ticket discounts, medical insurance, etc. The best part is that airline workers or air hostesses can work in other areas after retiring, like front desk operations, customer service, ticketing, etc.

Company Wise Air Hostess Salary

Several airline companies hire air hostess for domestic and international airlines every year. The following table will show the average salary of air hostesses in India that you can expect from different companies.

Airline CompanyAverage Salary Per Annum
Go Airlines4.96 L
Indigo6.72 L
Air India5.68 L
Qatar Airways6.72 L
Spice Jet5.04 L
Emirates8.28 L
Vistara5.00 L
Etihad Airlines7.83 L


Top Recruiters for Cabin Crew

Here is a table of top recruiters that hire both fresher and experienced candidates for Cabin Crew position.

CompanyAverage Salary (monthly)
Lufthansa Group60k
Jet Airways52k
Air India42k


International Air Hostess Salary

The salary of an air hostess also differs on the airline type. You can earn a much higher salary when working on International airlines than domestic airlines. So, read the table further to get an idea of the International air hostess salary. However, you must know that you must gain more knowledge and experience before you will work internationally.

CountryExpected Average Salary Per Year
Canada25.01 L
USA30.11 L
Japan13.40 L
UK34.56 L
Dubai23.43 L
Australia26.44 L
Germany21.22 L


High-Paying Job Specializations for Air Hostess

Your job role can determine your monthly remuneration as well. The air hostess salary varies depending on the companies you will work for. Here, we have given a list of the job roles with their tentative salary ranges, which may vary depending on the candidate’s qualifications and experience.

Ground Staff or Ground Crew

The primary role of the Ground Crew and Ground Staff is to do several duties at the airport. The Ground Staff ensures the comfort and safety of the passengers. They provide relevant information, check luggage, confirm reservation, sell tickets, and assists senior and disabled passengers. The salary of the Ground Crew ranges between 0.1 L INR and 4.2 L INR per annum.

Cabin Crew Supervisor

The primary responsibility of a Cabin Crew Supervisor is to handle everything before a flight takes off from the airport. They supervise the Cabin Crew team and ensure that there is no communication gap between the management and the team. The Cabin Crew salary can range between 5.0 Lakh INR to 17.5 Lakh INR depending on the experience and qualification.

Flight Attendant

The flight attendant role is one of the most demanding careers in the Aviation sector. The professional must have a specific skill set in hospitality, as their job is to welcome passengers and help them feel comfortable and safe. The salary of the flight attendant ranges between Rs. 1.2 Lakh to Rs. 24.0 Lakh per annum.

Kick- Start Your Air Hostess Journey and Earn a High Annual Remuneration

One of the most lucrative designations in the aviation industry is air hostess. With a high payout, it can bring several other opportunities and additional perks that we mentioned before. However, you must know that the given air hostess salary is only for reference purposes which may differ depending on several factors. The factors include experience, designation, skills, and location. So, conduct your own research and prepare yourself to get an air hostess job with a high salary package. You can check for courses available for the air hostess jobs. After proper evaluation, find out your strengths and weaknesses for better preparation.  You can also join institutions to groom yourself in the proper way to increase your chance of getting selected in different renowned airline companies.

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ’s )

What is the first salary of air hostesses?

The first salary of an air hostess depending on the post you will be worked for. Generally, the initial annual salary of air hostesses can be 4.20 Lakh. Then, with experience of 5 to 9 years, your earning capacity will increase. Then, you will be able to make INR 7.80 Lakh per annum. The highest salary you can receive is 13.19 Lakh per annum.

Is the Air hostess salary good?

Yes, of course. It is one of the most in-demand career options and is popular among the young generation. The employment scope is huge, and you can receive a good salary with additional benefits such as travel perks, insurance benefits, retirement plans, etc. The salary can differ depending on the job roles. Like the cabin crew salary is different from the salary of flight attendants.

Are air hostesses paid monthly?

Yes, of course. But, you must know that the air hostess salary can differ depending on your qualification. However, the average salary an air hostess can receive every month is Rs. 30k per month. The salary will increase when you become an experienced air hostess. With time, the salary can go higher and reach 1 Lakh per month depending on the companies you will work for.

What is the monthly salary of an Air India air hostess?

First, you must know that there is a difference in the salary of different airline companies. With Air India, you can receive a minimum salary of 12k per month as a fresher. Your salary can go up to 78k per month with experience. The salary will increase depending on your performance, skills, experience, and location.

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The post Earning Potential In Aviation: Average Air Hostess Salary appeared first on Chegg India.