What is the Scope of BCA

What do you understand about the BCA course? BCA means Bachelor of Computer Science. Usually, students choose BCA after completing the 12th board examination.BCA mainly covers courses relating to computer studies. The BCA syllabus includes the fundamentals of computers, Programming languages, and Database systems.

What is the Scope of BCA

What do you understand about the BCA course?

BCA means Bachelor of Computer Science. Usually, students choose BCA after completing the 12th board examination.BCA mainly covers courses relating to computer studies. The BCA syllabus includes the fundamentals of computers, Programming languages, and Database systems. Web Development and Information systems also come under the BCA subject list.

Besides this, the BCA course prepares the students to face the IT industry. This is the best option if someone is willing to the software industry. The BCA course consists of 3 years. It is a full-time course. Summarily, the BCA course aims at giving IT knowledge. Someone willing to take a move into the IT world should select the BCA course. With the successful completion of the course, a candidate can also do an MCA. In today’s world, the BCA course can surely help candidates achieve a rewarding future. Speaking frankly, a BCA course can give someone an ever-lasting dream career.

BCA course skillset

  • Sound knowledge of Computers
  • Analytical thinking
  • Strong database knowledge
  • Good communication skill
  • Programming knowledge
  • Spirit of working in a team environment
  • Creative skills
  • The idea is to create applications for practical use
  • Leadership

BCA course Highlights

  • BCA course Level – Undergraduate
  • Full name – Bachelor of Computer Applications
  • Course duration – 3 years
  • Eligibility – 50% marks in the 12th exam
  • Admission mode – merit-based or through an exam
  • Course fee – up to 2 to 3 lakhs
  • BCA subject List – Operating systems, Data structure, Hardware, User Interface Design, Financial Management, and Database Management.
  • Jobs – Technical Analyst, System Administrator, Programmer, Software Developer, Tech support, etc.
  • Average starting salary – 2 to 8 lakhs
  • Companies that hire BCA candidates – TCS, Infosys, Cognizant, NIIT, HCL, Accenture, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, etc.

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BCA course specializations

  • Animation – BCA in Animation develops the skills relating to graphics. In brief, Video editing, Game designing, Visual effects, and media handling skills come under it.
  • Accounting Applications – A student can gain knowledge of financial management. In other words, all the basics of Accounting come under this specialization.
  • Systems Analysis – System Analysis is a process where one has to analyze a system and bring solutions. One can gather all the basic elements of a given project. After that, a solution can be made.
  • Personal Information Management – Personal Information Management deals with the skills of how someone can secure personal data. One can keep, save and use personal Information whenever necessary.
  • Programming Languages – Programming languages refer to the computer language. To clarify, someone can use the language to do various computer work. Python, Ruby, Java, C++, and C# come under this category.
  • Internet Technologies – Internet Technologies deal with the study relating to the development of applications used on the Internet.
  • Computer Graphics – Computer Graphics refers to a study where one makes video games, ADs for websites, unique effect videos, cartoon videos, etc. Besides, one can also use the skill in developing movies, television shows, etc.
  • Music and Video processing – Yes, the BCA course includes Music and Video processing. Video and Music processing can be taken as one form of Technical studies. The sound we hear or create can be experienced through various rhythms or melodies. The studies mainly focus on that.
  • Cyber Law -Again, the BCA course includes Cyber Law. Cyber Law refers to a law relating to the IT field. It checks the information coming from different software. In other words, Cyber Law protects consumers from online fraud.

BCA course subjects

BCA course subjects mainly cover the overall study of Computer Science. Additionally, BCA’s subjects help the students become IT professionals in the corporate world. A list of BCA subjects list is given below.

List of BCA subjects [ 1st year ]

BCA syllabus 1st year mainly opens the chapters on basic computer applications. In other words, students can know all the simple and basic things about computers. Above all, the BCA syllabus includes the study of how to handle the computer. Basic things like file management, input and output, and memory come under the 1st year syllabus. Managing disk drives and printers, and process management also comes.

Apart from this, a student can learn advanced English communication skills in BCA 1st year syllabus. Next, Students can learn the languages of C in the 1st year BCA syllabus. The languages of C include all the languages relating to computer programming. The instructions that a computer used to follow are known as the languages of C.Again, the BCA subject list includes a portion of Digital Electronics. Digital Electronics chapters means those studies that connect to digital signals. The study also deals with those devices that make digital signals.

Last, Mathematics take a crucial part in the BCA course syllabus. The concepts of Probability, Differentiation, Limits, Continuity, and statistics cover the BCA 1st year syllabus. One other thing, students should practice the mathematics formulas to prepare for the exams. Now, let’s discuss the BCA syllabus subjects that will come in the 1st-year semester.

Semester 1 and 2 of the BCA course syllabus

                    SEMESTER 1                SEMESTER 2                              
Creative English  Communicative English 
Foundational Mathematics  Case Tools Lab 
Statistics for BCA  Operating Systems 
Hardware Lab  Basic Mathematics  
Digital Computer Fundamentals  Data Structures 
Introduction to Programming  Data Structures Lab 
C Programming Lab   Visual Programming Lab 
PC software Lab   

List of BCA subjects [ 2nd year ]

The BCA 2nd year syllabus mainly highlights the significant things. Likewise, students learn a lot of interesting topics in the BCA course syllabus. Web Designing, Database Management systems, Software Technology, and Open Source Technology mainly occupy the BCA 2nd year syllabus. In Database Management, a student can know the basics of software systems. Also, a student understands how to make, delete, read and update data.

The BCA course takes Open Source Technology in its 2nd-year syllabus. Again, it is computer software. One has to get a license of its ownership. The owner can permit the users the right to use, change and share the source code. Next, a very curious subject takes place in the BCA 2nd year course. Web Designing is a subject where a student has a lot of things to learn. In fact, the learner should go through the tools and techniques to maintain the web pages. Knowledge in the area of programming language can also help here.

Next comes Software Engineering. In this area, one has to observe the user’s needs and do the task. Using the software programs, one learns to design, make and test the end-user applications.

Semesters 3 and 4 of the BCA course syllabus

                     SEMESTER 3                    SEMESTER 4 
Financial Accounting Professional English            
Interpersonal Communication  Java Programming Lab 
Introductory Algebra  Web Technology Lab 
Object Oriented Programming using C++  Programming in JAVA 
Software Engineering  DBMS project Lab 
C++Lab  Language Lab  
Database Management Systems  Financial Management 
Domain   Computer Networks 
Oracle Lab   

List of BCA subjects [ 3rd year ]

The BCA course contains major topics in the 3rd year BCA syllabus. In other words, an IT aspirant can know all the vital aspects of computer studies here. The BCA syllabus covers different types of programming languages. Additionally, a student can learn Java Programming, Python, and all kinds of aspects of E-commerce. The course subjects mainly carry all the project works here. Similarly, these parts of the syllabus of BCA help the students to get into immense job opportunities.

Again, the BCA course list covers interesting topics like Artificial Intelligence, Information Security, Application development, etc. Students have to learn the crucial pieces of information here. Another thing is they can learn and perform various project works at the same time.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence refers to the ability of a computer to perform tasks like a human. In today’s world, machines and devices are efficiently doing tasks. These things can solve many of our problems as well.

Information Security

Information Security is a study where one learns how to secure information from unauthorized access. That is to say, the study mainly focuses on removing all the illegal use, disclosure, destruction, or any sort of recording of information. It is an application where one can learn how to prevent the misuse of data.


Next, Python language comes in the BCA course syllabus. The languages help the users to make websites and software. Python is used to do Data Analysis and automate tasks. In addition, Python can be used to perform various other Computer works.


Similarly, the course syllabus contains E-commerce studies in the 3rd year. In this area, one can learn the buying and selling of goods only through the online process. In fact, a student can understand the B to B, C to C, B to C, or C to B business methods.

BCA course admission process


A candidate must meet all the eligibility criteria before applying for the BCA program.

  1. An aspirant must have 50 %marks in the 12th Board exam. Informingly, a candidate with any background – Arts, Science, or Commerce can take the course.
  2. The candidate should be a minimum of 17 years of age. However, there is no upper age limit to do BCA.
  3. The age requirement varies according to the University’s or Colleges’ rules.

Admission Process

The admission can be done both merit-based or entrance-based.In merit-based admission, a candidate’s marks secured in the 12th Board matters. A candidate gets admission by the availability of seats and the secured 12th mark list. While in entrance-based admission, a student has to score the required marks in the examination.

Different Universities or Colleges conduct entrance tests for BCA admissions. The entrance exams for admission to the BCA program are – IPU CET, AIMA UGAT, BUMAT, and SUAT. Some of the Colleges even arrange personal interviews and group discussions after the successful completion of the entrance.

Entrance exams

Different Universities and Institutes conduct entrance examinations for admission to BCA courses. A list of some popular entrance exams with their conducting bodies is given below.

  1. BUMAT – Bharatiya Vidyapeetha University,Pune
  2. RUET – Rama University, Uttar Pradesh
  3. IPU CET – GuruGovind Singh Indraprastha University
  4. SET – Symbiosis International University
  5. AIMA UGAT – All India Management Association
  6. SSSIHLAT – Sri Satya Sai Institute of higher learning

BCA scope with salaries in India

Scope of BCA course

The course is one of the highly demanding career options. Students can get a dream job after finishing their BCA. Particularly, the scope of the BCA course is huge in India and abroad. A student after completing the undergraduate course can go after MCA.MCA refers to Master in Computer Applications. The demand for IT sector jobs is growing day by day. Some of the Industries in India actively hire BCA candidates. The IT, Web Designing, Digital Marketing, and Banking Industries look for computer science graduates.

Logistics, Data communications, Desktop publishing, and the E-commerce Companies recruiter also choose the graduates in Computer Application. All in all, the BCA specializations carry value in today’s time. Also, a student after finishing BCA can get a better job on Campus selection. The best part of the BCA course is that one can get a high-paying job at the entry-level. So, if anyone is planning to choose a lucrative career option, then BCA can be counted.

Benefits of doing a BCA course

A BCA passed out student can get plenty of job opportunities in both the Private and Public sectors. As we know, the use of computers, laptops, and other devices is increasing worldwide. So, after finishing the  course, one can get an ample amount of job opportunities. Furthermore, MNCs and IT Firms take fresh BCA graduates. The demand for programming languages is huge in the IT field.

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The scope of the BCA course is good. Besides, the BCA graduate can work even in Banks, Railways, and Defence. In order to get a Government job, a candidate needs to sit in competitive exams. So, a BCA course equals that of a B tech course. As the salary package comes with attractive figures. If someone plans to make a career in the Computer field, then assuredly BCA counts.

Below is a list of some of the job descriptions with salaries.

IT Assistant  2.7 to 5.18 lakhs per year 
Software Developer Trainee  3.59 lakhs per year 
Programmer Trainee  2 to 4 lakh per year 
Data Scientist  8 lakh per year 
Technical Support Engineer  4 lakh per year 
Digital Marketer  5 lakh per year 
Cyber security  7 lakh per year 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which course is the best after BCA?

Ans. After completing BCA, one can take up a course from a number of best courses. Here a list of some courses is given.

Master Degree Courses

  • MBA – A candidate can do a Master in Business Administration[MBA] after finishing a BCA degree. One can go for Management studies instead of continuing the course. The Management jobs offer lucrative salaries. One can get the job roles like – Investment Banker, Management Consultant, Project Manager, Area Manager, Business consultant, etc.
  • MCA – After completing BCA, getting an MCA certification is a fantastic idea. A BCA student can feel comfortable with all the subjects in the MCA course. A candidate can get a professional IT job after finishing it. In the current market, the demand for MCA candidates is snowballing.
  • MIM – Master of Information Management is a 3-year undergraduate course where a student knows the use of information and data in business management.

Some other courses

  • Data Science – Industries are looking for Data Scientists rapidly. The demand for Data scientists is increasing. As per the current reports, the need for Data Scientists is growing in India. The data science course mainly deals with the subjects like Statistics and Numbers. One more thing, one who has expertise in this skill can earn a high-paying job.
  • Digital Marketing – Yes, after completing BCA, one can go for Digital Marketing. In the modern era, everyone is using social media channels to promote products. In other words, everything is going online. Industries are searching for Digital Marketors to market their products and services.
  • Cyber Security – Nowadays, companies are facing problems like cyber attacks. In fact, companies search for Cyber Security Experts to secure sensitive information. The demand for cyber security officers is rapidly rising in the Indian market. Many Ecommerce companies, Government and Private Organisations are actively hiring those people. Another best thing about this job is that one can get a high-paying salary.

Q2. Is BCA good after the 12th?

Ans. Definitely, BCA is the best course one can choose after the 12th exam.BCA course is top-rated across the world. A student has the chance for getting a better job after the course completion. The IT Firms, Private and Public Organisations are taking the BCA passed out candidates. If a student wants to make a career in the computer field, then go for it. Along with this, BCA jobs give a decent salary. So, a BCA course can assuredly make a dream career for a student.

A student has so many career options to take after the 12th. But, choosing a degree in Computer science will surely give benefits. Another thing, a student can get a wherever he/she goes. The IT giant companies specifically hire candidates in India and abroad. Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Oracle Companies actively take the BCA candidates. In addition, Government Organisations arrange exams to take software Engineers to their workplace. Government Companies also give huge perks and bonuses to skilled IT professionals in their area.

Q3. What are subjects in BCA?

Ans. The typical subjects of the BCA course include

  • Programming Languages like C, C++etc.
  • Fundamentals of computers
  • Operating Systems
  • Web-based Application Development
  • Practical work and Computer Lab
  • Data and Data-based Management Systems
  • Multimedia Systems
  • Understanding Organisational Behaviour

Q4. Is BCA a good career option?

Ans. Undoubtedly, BCA stands as a life-changing career option. The primary aim of the BCA course is to make young talents into future IT professionals. Further, an aspirant can get a satisfying job by doing the course. The BCA course provides the students with an essential skillset and knowledge. After passing BCA successfully, a student can get a job easily. As the chances of getting a job are higher for Computer science students.

The students face less struggle to get a job after doing the BCA course. Even, the freshers have a chance to get jobs with fair salaries. Not only this, Universities and Institutes offer campus placements to suitable candidates. A BCA course can help a student to get several job opportunities across the globe. The best part of BCA jobs is that one can get jobs with favorable packages even at the beginner level.

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