Top trending news topics for today, July 5, 2023

1. US Independence Day

US Independence Day

Fourth of July is a federal holiday in the United States, which means that many businesses and government offices will be closed. However, there are still plenty of things to do on the holiday, such as attending fireworks displays, barbecues, and parades.

2. Sri Lanka Economic Crisis

Sri Lanka Economic Crisis

Sri Lanka is facing a severe economic crisis, with food and fuel shortages and power outages. The government has declared a state of emergency, and there have been protests against the government's handling of the crisis.

3. China-Taiwan Tensions

China-Taiwan Tensions

Tensions between China and Taiwan have been rising in recent months. China has been conducting military exercises near Taiwan, and there have been warnings from the United States that China could be planning an invasion.

4. Climate Change

Climate Change

The effects of climate change are becoming increasingly visible, with extreme weather events becoming more common. There have been calls for action to address climate change, but there is still disagreement about how to do so.

5. Tech Giants Under Scrutiny

Tech Giants Under Scrutiny

Tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Facebook are facing increasing scrutiny from governments around the world. There are concerns about the power of these companies and their impact on society.