Methanol: Fueling the Future

Dive into the dynamic world of methanol, a versatile and sustainable chemical compound with numerous applications. Explore the latest trends, innovations, and market dynamics shaping the methanol market, where chemistry and industry converge for a wide range of uses, from clean energy to chemical synthesis.

Methanol: Fueling the Future

For reducing the dependence of the world on fossil fuels and associated GHG emissions, methanol production is becoming popular. If we are to think of a “methanol economy” this would put into use both renewable electricity and waste CO₂.

The alternative production of fuels like methanol, which are made from fossil fuel, by making the use of wind, solar, hydroelectricity can also help solve the issue of storing this variable energy whilst balancing the grid and using affordable electricity when there is an increased demand as compared to what is produced, in terms of electricity.

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With the constant climate crisis, alternative sources of energy and fuels are becoming more important. Green methanol is one such alternative fuel.

While the conventional production of methanol was on the basis of fossil feedstock for example coal or natural gas, the most-produced chemical in the world can be produced without posing any harm to the environment, acting as a core material for numerous products and industries and products.

This is the way in which methanol turned around from a carbon-dioxide-heavy chemical feedstock to a green alternative.

Green Methanol, what is it All About?

The conventional production of method involves a catalytic procedure using or coal or natural gas. It is because of the increase in affordable renewable energy, methanol can be produced on the basis of solar and wind power, geothermal energy or hydropower, reducing GHG emissions significantly. This methanol is termed as green methanol is and can be put to use as a as an energy carrier for stowing electricity produced from renewable sources or as a fuel for transportation.

Apart from ammonia and LNG, green methanol is also an alternative fuel for maritime fuel applications. Moreover, it can be mixed with conventional fuels or put to use for fueling 100% methanol-based drive systems.

What are the Applications of Green Methanol?

Green methanol has got it all to revolutionize numerous industries and turn the ones, which were not so good for the environment, in a more neutral process for the environment.

With additionally diversifying the application methanol as a carrier, stowage of energy, or maritime fuel. This will help in the rising of the demand for methanol, or you can say it that way, green methanol

This can be said, as there is an already existing market for methanol and its already available infra, performing much-better than the fossil-based fuels.

Also, the high energy density of methanol them makes it much more beneficial than liquefied hydrogen, particularly for long-distance transport and lasting stowage of renewable energy.