How Good is Education and Employment in Bihar

How good is education and employment in Bihar

How Good is Education and Employment in Bihar

There has been a very strange situation in Bihar, but since when, for the last 30 years. Every government of Bihar is only engaged in filling the treasure of itself and its ministers. They have no connection with the people of the state. But the public does vote, even if they have no good reason behind it. Let's talk today about 2 basic needs which have been in worst phase in Bihar:

1. Education
2. Employment

Now you will say what is wrong with it. We do not have to take education and we are not going to get employment.

First of all, let's talk about education. I have not seen anywhere else the mockery of the education system in Bihar. Here we must first tell you, that neither we are fan of Lalu ji nor Nitish ji. Just trying to explain what was going on and what is going on. 2 things were good in Lalu ji's government. For one, what he did for social upliftment was truly a clan compliment. He brought to level the backward caste with upper caste, which is a great achievement. Secondly, at that time teachers were recruited on the basis of competitive examination. Which was true in every sense. Everyone should get a chance, even if its numbers are 90% or 50% only. Now you may have understood the gesture. At the time when we studied in our village, there was neither a shortage of teachers nor their quality. Because they used to come after passing the competitive exams. And if the present child finds out how earlier we used to study in schools and how it happens now, he will hate his government. But what to do, we did not have a smartphone at that time, otherwise we would have done the recording. I have never seen such a passionate and scholar teacher in any school till date. No matter what the teacher of any subject, everyone was proficient in his subject. There were very few teachers who ever taught by looking at a book. They knew what to teach and how to teach. There was a teacher of geography who used to speak and explain as Atal Bihari Vajpayee is speaking. He was not a comedian, he trained very well to become a teacher. I had read somewhere that if you want to keep your children attached to you for a long time, then you have to do everything that will keep the child's mind in studies, even if you have to copy someone for this. Who can teach a subject like Geography with so much fun and entertainment. Only those can teach only those who have quality inside. Whether you take any subject, mathematics, Hindi, Sanskrit, all the teachers were very learned. He did what a good teacher should do. Now let's talk about now. Nitish ji started recruiting teachers after seeing his marks. Is this a joke, are you applying Mark's formula there, where Marks is bought with money. Is this a joke, are you making them teachers, whose numbers have increased on the marksheet. Is this a joke, are you giving the future of the children of your state in the hands of those people whose numbers on the marksheet are more. If this is not a joke, what else is there? After these recruitments, we have seen such teachers whose hands were shivering even in writing their names. A man had been running his grocery shop for 10 years, which had no relation with education now he is teacher. If this is not a joke, what else is there. how big you have played with the future of the children of your state. All those people who have become teachers from these recruitments, they will find this thing very bad. But once you think with a cool mind, you are doing the job that your children had rights. Today the government is giving you money, you are happy. But just put your hand on your heart and think if it is right. Tomorrow the children of your own home will study with such teachers and will be left far behind in this competitive world, because they will not find any good teachers to teach. As long as the child is in school, he should get the best education. Basic knowledge of children should always be strong. You are messing with the fate of your children in the current earning methodology. Well now you have your understanding ahead, how do you understand it?

Now let's talk about employment, there is not a single big company in Bihar in the last 30 years, everyone saying, it is very difficult to do business in Bihar. In this, either Lalu ji's government or Nitish ji's both have not done anything yet. Both governments are responsible for this situation of Bihar. People are afraid to do business in your place that they may not be killed in broad daylight or may be someone ask for a ransom. People flee from your state, yet you are not ashamed to ask for votes. There are 21-22 lakh people of Bihar, or more than that, who work outside of Bihar and have been away from their ancestral home. The people of Bihar are seen as the most helpless and forced in the outbreak of Corona (Covid-19) right now, because their elected government has said that it is difficult to bring 21 lakh Biharis to Bihar. Sometimes you say that there is no cure of "Chamki" fever in Bihar due to which many children die every year. Sometimes you say that it is difficult to control floods, due to which many people die every year and become homeless. It is difficult for you to give employment to youths. It is difficult to bring back the student trapped in the quota, so what are you doing in the government, brother, your job should be that of the opposition, which seems helpless on everything. What is easy for you? nothing.

You have not done anything to stop the migration of people of Bihar till now, because you only remember your vote bank. Why do people think that the election is coming so, a mass vacancies of teacher is also coming. Why do you make people wait till the election? Well this story is in each state of India. The road, which is in a worst condition for 4 years, automatically becomes new in the year of the election. It is broken even after 6 months of every election. Now everyone knows the way Politician works, but Politician thinks that the people are fool. Hey Politician, this is public, they knows everything, but no one dares to speak. Who knows when someone likes by some politician and then they disappears. Everyone is engaged in their daily jobs. No one has time to speak or write all this. I do not even have, I got some time today, so I write it down. Let's See how many people feel bad. By the way, this is not a bad article, just the truth that everyone knows but does not speak. But Yes, the truth is bitter.